Almost “half way there-livin’ on a prayer” Bon Jovi

“We’ve got to hold on ready or not. You live for the fight when it’s all that you’ve got.”  Are you singing along? Maybe not, if you don’t know the song. Yes, next week (believe it or not) will be my half way through this treatment. I am not really counting, but all my doctors are!  I was greeted with a smile and a “happy valentine’s day” by my doctor today. Yes, I did get the hug while having the paper “drape” over my lap. I did a half way stand and sit position, so as to not flash the audience with my bare butt for too long. Not sure if it worked, but everyone was eager to get “down to business”. I did get my answer to the burning question, “what are you looking for on this ultrasound, when most of the “stuff” is missing?”. Who knew that little fluid cancer cells could show up before anything else does? Plus, they look at thickening of tissue and linings of my abdomen. Mine showed no action and no cells or thickening of any kind and very nice picture for all to see. Fun stuff. I got the full 411, plus a lovely stern warning to check all my lymph nodes everywhere, every month. Then, I was told that I need to get a colonoscopy. I wasn’t quite sure when this was all supposed to fit into my schedule. Was it before treatment, after treatment, before the PET scan, MRI of the breasts, or after or in between. I seem to get a full good week and do I want to drink the junk and do the colonoscopy during that week. Hmmm, why not? Would there be an audience? Guess I wouldn’t have to worry about my bare naked butt being an issue for that audience. Instead of a party planner, I definitely need a test planner. I will ask at my next treatment as this doctor has real issues to deal with….like the woman before me who was in chemo and it wasn’t working. I sat outside while the nurses wanted me to wait again to talk to the doctor one more time. I couldn’t help, but to hear his voice. It wasn’t the voice I knew and had come to understand. It was full of facts without emotion except I saw the look in his eyes. That was a similar look that I had seen 3 months ago when he was hugging me more than once. I waited my turn and did not really want to talk to him again. So, I gave him my box of “Hugs and Kisses” with a card. He smiled and I know I caught him by surprise. I told him he is wonderful and he told me, “no, you are wonderful.”  Then, he reminded me to try to eat well, take my list of supplements and pills, make sure I check my lymph nodes, and exercise when I am able. I told him that I cannot do what I used to do and he reminded me that I have a new body and that I am still getting treatment which means that you do what you can do on that day. I know all that, and it is nice that he takes the time to remind me too! When I went to make my appointment for my next 3 month visit with him, the person helping me only found one in 3 months and 1 week. I told her it was alright and she said, “you want me to get fired”. “The doctor said 3 months, so for you it has to be 3 months or 2 months and 3 weeks.”  Jim and I talked about our search for the perfect doctor discussing the ones who were not so perfect for me. We are so lucky to have him on our team and even luckier that he cares so much not only about me, but all his patients.  Since the doctor had an emergency surgery, we were out of there faster than normal and Jim and I had a very yummy lunch together for a Valentine Date. Happy Valentine’s Day! I am looking forward to the sunshine before the rain comes this week or will it?!


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