The hair, to wear or not to wear, that was the question….

So, I had been putting off this great gift card I had for getting a facial. This was a 10 step process. I went to the place and discussed their products hoping it would be some type of toxic mess, so I could not risk doing a facial. Of course, they informed me they had all natural products. Then, uh oh, I know someone who works there and it would be too awkward to have any treatment in the building with that person working there…of course, they suggested a date when that person was not working. (damn!) Then, came the fact of my skin shedding (the side effect of the medication) and it would be terrible with all these natural ingredients. Right? Nope, they felt it could happily help and even suggested I bought “stuff” in the shop with my gift card instead of the facial. So, I gave into the facial. This presented my next problem of wearing the hair, taking off the hair, bringing the styrofoam head, bringing a scarf, wearing the scarf, just too many steps to remember that I could have easily backed out of this “treat”. When I figured it all out, there was a call that my aesthetician was going on vacation and there was a substitute. This could be my ticket out of the facial. Instead, I gave into the process and packed up all my tools ready for an awkward moment. After timing my entrance to the changing area (area clear of any people or any people I know), I quickly took off the hair and wrapped my head in a scarf. This process was too quick and my hair flew out of my hand onto the floor looking like a dead animal. Geez, I had to save it quick before someone would either swat it, step on it, or scream. I tossed it into the locker and hung it almost safely on the hook. While debating of how much clothing to keep on (bra off or on, pants off or on), I took of my clothes while wrapping myself into the robe. I became so entangled, I looked like a manequin with clothes hanging on the wrong parts and the robe twisted along with the regular clothes. You would think that I never left my house. After my Houdini escape, I was sweating like I worked out for 30 minutes at a face pace run. I attempted to pour myself some water with some vanilla green tea drops careful not to put the whole dropper or I would be wired beyond belief and unable to take my plunge into the facial process. I met my new aesthetician who was too cute for words. She put me at ease and commented on the hair wrap. I had a bit of diarrhea of the mouth and told her about all my ailments in about 3 minutes. Then, she told me about her brother who lost his battle with cancer. To think about all my fears and time wasted about this process and it magically worked itself out. She was calm, gentle, reassuring, and my facial was the most relaxing hour I had in a long time.

Of course, all was relaxation went out the window with Alex eating chocolate cake with almond butter and having a horrible allergic reaction. He is fine now, but we had no sleep last night and were upset about the entire episode. Poor Alex! Again, a reminder to not get caught up in the little stuff and make the most of every moment. What was relaxing in one moment, turned to be a stress moment and now we are back to enjoying the sunshine. Get out and enjoy.  I will enjoy the fact that every day for me is a good hair day!


One Response to “The hair, to wear or not to wear, that was the question….”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Joanie – I’m glad to hear that you took advantage of a bit of pampering and relaxation! Sending you good thoughts from snowbound NJ!!!



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