“Remember what you are fighting for: today, spend time with your loved ones.” Vickie Girard

Yesterday, I was talking to a friend about my idea for today which was the beach clean up at Salt Creek Beach. She said, “do you really feel good enough to do that? Don’t push yourself.” I am always about the push when I can and I know when to wave the white flag (well, almost). So, this morning we were off to clean up Salt Creek Beach. I felt that I had to do this. This was the place that I took my first steps with my sister (or should I say “shuffles”) after my surgery. This is the beach that I walked with my mom and dad when they were here for so many months, so I could get some air and attempt to avoid my feeling of nausea for some moments.  This was the view that we had from the summer house in the clouds in Laguna. This is the place that Alex and I went on a nature walk before cancer. Now, this is the place that Jim, Alex, and I come to look for the squirrels in “squirrel city” or just look for dolphins. The ranger informed us that the beach was very clean and they really need “us” in the summer. I would like to do that, but we were there now and I was determined to pick up as many cigarettes or trash as possible for as long as I could.  We found a turkey baster bulb-not sure what that would be used for at the beach? Even better was my walk with a long time friend who I miss seeing like we used to when our kids were small and in preschool. That seems so long ago…I guess it was…. I did manage to walk and talk and pick up trash. I enjoyed the air and felt pretty good until it was time to listen to my body and go home. It felt good for so many reasons that I cannot even name. The ocean air, the sound of the waves, friends, family, cleaning the beach and the warm breeze-who could ask for anything more!

I feel pretty good today and love this great weather. Enjoying less drugs this time around  (sounds strange to say) and it really makes a difference for me. I am so thankful for today.


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