“Refuse to get depressed about the things you can’t do at this time; it doesn’t mean you won’t do them ever again.” Vickie Girard

Just finished the book, There’s No Place Like Hope by Vickie Girard. My cousin, Margie gave this book to me and it is one of my favorites besides Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips. There are so many great comments especially, “It is “only” hair when it is someone elses” or “a bad hair day takes on a whole new meaning.”  This book is great especially to remind me of what is important especially when I get in my “funk” and especially when it has to do with the fuzz growing on my head or lack of! Who knew hair would take so long to grow from baldness. I saw this new cold cap that is in trial phases where you put it on your head, so you don’t lose your hair during chemo. I will bet that the insurance will not cover that one.

So, it is raining here. Yes, raining for more than 3 days or is it 4 or 5, but this is something that people who have lived other places call winter except the rain could be ice or snow. Yes, the rain can be depressing, but look at all the things you can do besides playing in the rain: clean your closet, read a great book, cuddle with your husband or son, drink hot chocolate, and plan your next sunny vacation.  My favorite thing to do this week was to put some treats in my mailbox in a baggie for my postal carrier. When I saw him being pelted by the rain and wind, trying to put our mail in as fast as possible to prevent it from getting soaked, I had to do something. He wrote me a note and put in back into the baggie with my mail. What a nice surprise and I just wanted to bring one fun thing to his day.

My first weekend of vacation was spent getting my blood tested and getting antibiotics AND pre-natal vitamins?! Who knew that could be a cure for my fatigue. Yes, my platelet count is down, down below normal, but a bit off from transfusion. All I wanted to do was prevent a transfusion on Christmas day. I just had this thought that on Christmas there would be the leftover bad blood along with a doctor and nurse that did not want to be working. It just seemed like a bad scenario all around, so best to avoid that until after the New Year (if necessary). Instead, I will visit the closet on Thursday for one more treatment down, not counting the rest to go. I have just the outfit picked out as a friend referred to it as a true fashion statement. Of course, my mom’s very very brief visit helped with the fashion statement including a new pair of fantastic boots and some very comfy sparkling Toms. We had a great time and a great lunch or two especially with two great women (you know who you are!). I do think it is strange that my rash disappears only days before I get another treatment.  So, cheers to the steroids that I will be taking tomorrow. I don’t think they go with eggnog or wine, but possibly some champagne?

All of you should get out in the weather. It is ONLY rain except I do recommend avoiding the So Cal freeways. I spent some quality minutes behind several drivers doing 20 mph in a 50 mph zone and the rain had stopped. Go to Costco or Target and buy some cute rain boots, rain jacket, and go play in the rain or at least go play in the rain on the way to your car to do something fun!



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