So far so good….

So happy with my earlier appointment even though the place makes me nauseous! I had one of my favorite nurses. They all thought I looked fantastic. I know it isn’t saying much when you look at the closet guests, but I think it is a good sign. My platelet counts are low again, so I will do a magic dance and a song to avoid a transfusion. This is all part of the “normal” of what to expect. Finally, with the slow drip, I was able to carry on a conversation and not act like a crazy person…glad we figured that out last time. The waiting room was horrible with way too many people and one woman moaning and groaning for 30 minutes while I was waiting. Of course, I forgot my headphones, but decided to play Angry Birds for a distraction. It almost worked until her moaning was sounding like bird sounds to me. All in all it was nice to hang out and laugh with my cousin Margie. They just love us there! Plus, with an early appointment, we all had time to recover with the lack of light and oxygen and smelly smells to have a nice evening. Today, since I had lower dose of steroids, I felt so much better and hope it all stays this way. I don’t mind the fatigue, but the weirdness from the steroids is even too much weirdness for me. Everyone have a great weekend, get outside, check out the holiday lights and avoid the crowds of the stores-shop online unless you really enjoy the shopping!


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