New Trader Joe’s mini cupcakes and cake pops can get you through any day!

Recipe for changing your mood even when on heavy duty steroids facing your future day in the closet: 1. Have special friends make you cake pops. 2. When you have consumed all the cake pops, go immediately to Trader Joe’s for a 9 pack of mini cupcakes-they are new. (Yes, I said 9!) They are perishable, so you may have to consume one of each type. I don’t know if you have heard about the cake pops. You cannot help smiling while you are eating them even though I have been told by some expert bakers that they are not as easy as they look to make! They can sure give you a moment of happiness especially when they are baked with a lot of love and positive energy (which is perishable too, so you must consume fast). You can check out the website by Bakerella if you want to attempt to bake these fun treats. After this recipe, you should avoid any heavy lifting including laundry, cleaning, and paying bills online.

This recipe is working for me since I am now reminded of the “yech” that I feel when I take these drugs, but I am also reminded of my clear scan. I am counting on the reduced drug plan working as I plan to consume some apples in Oak Glen, but in a donut form. Yes, it sounds a bit like I am on a celebration of food, but I did miss the October apple picking, so I have to do it now before snow comes to that area, right? Then, I will avoid the donuts at Hanukkah which is WAY too early this year! Have a little turkey and a little latke around the corner. Since I will be going up to UCLA during Thanksgiving week, I am sure my nausea memory will impact my turkey consumption and possibly my pie consumption, so I definitely need to consume early to offset this issue.

Most importantly, I have no outfit picked for tomorrow. I am close to picking out some work out clothes, but you all know I won’t give into that faux pas! Chemo closet is my Project Runway or Closet Makeover edition, so I have to keep with my plan. I just hope that I get a chair and not a folding chair since I am 30 minutes later than last time. My cousin Margie was thinking of bringing a folding beach chair. Wouldn’t it be funny if I arrive with one of those Costco beach chairs that are carried like a back pack. Just a thought….maybe a cooler too and maybe some toilet paper, paper towels?  Okay, I will go back to finding the perfect outfit. Weather looks perfect for the next days, so get out in the fresh air, breathe some ocean air in for me as I know the chemo closet has the stink air. Have fun and take care of YOU!


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