“We cannot control the cards we are dealt, but we can control how we play them.” Dr Oz

It has been a while since I reminded myself that there are many people fighting their own “battle”. It is all relative and no “battle” is easy no matter what hand you are dealt. What I cannot understand is those who are on the pity pot. We are entitled to our moments. When it is the same ole’ song playing over and over and the song is playing the same notes of caught up in the little things that do not matter, I usually smile to myself . When the song is sung by the same people month after month, I am just on the edge of  screaming, “does this really matter? time to get off the pity pot”. Seriously, I want to yell, “open your eyes or your mind or something”.  I know it does not help to yell, but what about a gentle slap in the face or just a little shove. Not to push the person down, but just wake them up a bit? I mean I am tired of hearing myself repeat my every 3 week story. I really don’t like the selfish aspect of cancer. It is all about me and I am wanting to get beyond the “me”, but it is the numbers from my blood counts, the drugs that are 2 pages long, the supplements that are 3 pages long, the list of what to do and what to eat and what to write down, the doctors to call, the doctors to see, the doctors to email, the insurance (I think I lost my VIP status with my constant upbeat phone calls and giving advice to the nurses who call me, granted it is vacation, shopping, dining advice, but somehow I think I got demoted) and did I say insurance?  It is annoying. What do other people do who are not organized?

Enough about me, but did I tell you about my eyelashes? I put mascara on with a little success even though the lashes are not quite long enough. Wasn’t  it Tammy Faye Baker with the caked on mascara? I am dreaming of getting my mascara on my new eyelashes almost like Tammy Faye.

Back to the closet I go on Friday and I am now down to half the over drug dose of pre drugs that I had the last time which is reason to celebrate besides my all clear on my scan. I still am not looking forward to Friday and the thought of the smells and sights already make me a little nauseous. I think I will focus on the happiness of sleeping in on Thursday since Alex is off from school. Again, I will remind you to make the most of your days and enjoy your time with your kids and your family, laugh a lot, and ignore all the little stuff that annoys you (or try to!).


One Response to ““We cannot control the cards we are dealt, but we can control how we play them.” Dr Oz”

  1. Kelli Says:

    What perfect timing! I was just whining to my son, about the liquid diet I am on, in preparation for my endoscopy and colonoscopy. I think of you and others in my life who are in a battle, I just don’t get to eat for 2 days. Get over it, Kelli.
    Thank you Joanie for being there, for me!

    Keep the faith, sister-friend! You are amazing!

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