Great news and looking forward to the best night of sleep ever!

Today I called all my doctors to get the results before the weekend. I left messages and did talk to my internist’s nurse who said the report had arrived, but she did not look at it yet. So, I kept phoning and getting a bit more nervous (all for nothing!) and just when I took a deep breath and convinced myself that all is okay, the phone rang. My doctor told me the news that my scan was clear. Everything was clear, she kept saying it over and over, but I was in shock. I asked her again and again about the area over my liver that all the doctors were concerned about and she again repeated that “it is gone” and “all is clear”. She waited until I repeated it back to her to confirm that I heard her correctly. She also said she would fax the report. So, tonight, I saw the report and read the words and did a little dance and sang a little song. I called my family, and coincidently my sister phoned me right after the doctor. Everyone is thrilled. Then, I received emails from my UCLA doctor fan club and they all were equally as happy even writing “wonderful!”, “great report!”, so I knew I wasn’t dreaming. I did cry, but it was tears of happiness and relief and just knowing that all this medicine is working. Of course, this means that I will continue my treatment for about 11 more months, but who is counting. Unless, the UCLA team can come up with something else, I am okay to go there once every 3 weeks even though the closet really still needs a makeover. Maybe, this is my real purpose, to get the closet a makeover so that other people can be in a healing environment instead of a closet! So, I am off to sleep the best sleep ever!


5 Responses to “Great news and looking forward to the best night of sleep ever!”

  1. Kelli Says:

    Congratulations!! I don’t know if that is the proper thing to say but I am so thrilled!! I too have the tears, of happiness, flowing!! You are such an inspiration and I am so proud to know you!!!
    Yes, I can believe that maybe your purpose is to makeover the closet and if anyone can get it done, you can!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!! Loves, hugs and prayers to you, my friend!!


  2. amy Says:

    Yippie!!!!!! I am so thrilled. Extreme Makeover ” Chemo Closet” Edition. I would love to help you in this endeaver.

  3. Sandra Says:

    Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hugs and kisses from us all-we are pulling for you always :0)

  4. joan moss Says:

    great news!!!! I am so happy for you. Hope you have a peaceful night knowing all is going well with a wonderful husband, son, team of doctors and of course all your friends who love you. I for one am proud to be one of them. All my love, Joan

  5. Audrey Says:


    Just got caught up on all your adventures. Sounds like a wonderful trip to Hawaii and that you had quality family time with Jim and Alex.

    The best news was your scan results. YEAHHHHHHHH!! So happy for you! You are amazing and an inspiration. Such great news. I think of you often. Love to you and your fam.

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