Back to Reality!

We had such a great vacation! We did everything we wanted to do and ate everything we wanted to eat and drink too! Upon our arrival, we were taken to our first room (notice the word first) where a giant inflatable whale was sitting on the bed and a plate of peanut free cookies (wow!). We opened the drapes and sliding door to hear giant rumbling of some machine and a view of the trash (back of the house). I started crying (I was still medicated) and would not require much to make me cry. A call to the front office moved us to our second room very lovely overlooking the koi pond. After getting things unpacked with Jim’s help, I started having a giant heat flash, but Jim was sweating too. Hmmm, we both realized that the air condition was not working. Okay, no tears yet, but a call to Engineering and some work on the a/c. We were wiped out and had an early dinner and off to bed as I was still over the top medicated and very foggy. UNTIL, the strange whistling noise happened all through the night. At first, I thought it was Alex making some strange noises in his sleep or my medication causing me to dream about strange noises like some Samoan dancers doing some type of Tiki Room chant from Disneyland? Of course, this wasn’t the case and the next morning, I did not cry, but wanted the noise to be gone. It was the noise of the air condition gone crazy. Alex and I went for a walk on the beach when I realized that I forgot my bathing suit. Typical! Something I did not want to do was go shopping for a bathing suit! Jim took matters into his own hands and asked for our third room offering to pay the difference for a noise free, garbage free view, and to have a nice view room. So, we went to our third room which was overlooking the pool and had an ocean view, plus was a larger room and did not have to pay anything. After this, the room move stopped and we enjoyed every day in our new improved room.

We went to this beach called Punalau which we are usually the only people except for some locals. We love this beach as someone created this mini aquarium as Alex calls it for him to snorkel without being hit by any waves. We also love building forts from rocks, shells, coconuts, and anything else we find. Unfortunately, we were hit by a giant rain cloud and it was raining sheets of rain during our first visit to Punalau. After the rain was hitting us horizontally, we decided we should pack it up. You have to walk up hill to the car, so we were met with a bit of a mud slide. I was laughing so hard as we were getting soaked in mud, rain, and sand blown by the wind.  We could not stop laughing when we realized that we forgot the change of clothes, so we just took off the mud shoes and drove to the next beach to shower off. Of course, Alex decided to be a big help by putting the mud sandal in front of the shower to get a giant mud shower all over himself.  Our next trips to Punalau were not as rainy and not as exciting, but just calm and relaxing. We also had some great meals with delicious hand dipped chocolates for our anniversary with a white chocolate hand written note that was very delicious. I also had my share of mai tais and decided the Four Season’s Wailea has the strongest best mai tai which was not sweet, but kind of sour. Yum for me!  All in all, it was our best trip to Maui ever and we did not want to come home.

Now, back to reality and tomorrow is my PET scan. Drum roll please…so we can really see if all these drugs did what they are supposed to do. I am thinking that all is working  the way they wanted since my latest blood test looks good. I received the results today who knows why they forgot to give them to me when I was at UCLA last time. I am also the proud owner of some very tiny eyelashes and my eyebrows are back, but growing in very strange. My hair on my head is not to be commented, but lucky in Maui they had one of those giant magnifying mirrors, so I could see that I was not the owner of a receding hairline, but there was in fact little tine hairs growing in the spots that I thought were blank. The hair is still not pretty at all AND unfortunately, some hairs are now appearing on my underarms and legs. Guess I will have to start shaving again or I could go Euro.

I also started the negotiation for next week visit to UCLA since I was so over drugged which was a good thing since I had no side effects or very minimal except FOR BEING drugged! I requested to have a change of the pre-drug cocktail, but was told that they will reduce the amount, but I still need to have a pre-drug cocktail. Hopefully, I will have less issues as far as the fog and no random texting.

So, tomorrow I will be radioactive and glowing (okay, not really) and will convince myself that I am drinking a gallon of dairy queen chocolate malt instead of the pepto bismo drink that they give you before the scan. Yes, and when they tell me that you will have the sensation of urinating on yourself, I have just given into this fact and will not care, but am more worried about whether my wig has metal in it, so to wear or not to wear the hair is the real question. Off to dream about the carbs that I could not eat today!


One Response to “Back to Reality!”

  1. amy Says:

    Must post Hawaiii pics. You are in my thoughts today! I am sendng you positive energy! Love you, Amy

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