Mascara here I come, well, almost!

I am seeing the sprouts of potential eye lashes. They are far from being lashes, but it is nice to see something other than the naked eye. Plus, my brows have sprouts too. My only complaint is the sprouts on the head are so ugly looking and are growing back in a strange pattern. You would think that after this, cancer chemo patients would get a free pass to the Bosley hair clinic or would automatically get the hair color, texture, style of their choice. It could come in a pill form since the iv is too much.  At this rate, I look forward to my halfway mark in February 2011 and am thinking that I will have lush nice texture sprouts versus what is happening on the head. I know it is bad since Alex has this look he gives me when he sees it and says, “it will grow back soon Mommy”. I hate to tell him that this is the grow back. All I know is that when the eye lashes grow back, I will be applying many layers of mascara and never curse mascara again!

With Thursday coming up and now my short visit turning into a longer visit with the pre-drugs, I am doing a little dancing, a little praying, a little singing, a little of anything, that this plan works as I would rather not take steroids and want to be itch and swollen free during my flight to Maui. I will definitely do what I have to, but I am also bringing some dark sunglasses in case I have to witness the “yech”  in the closet again, so maybe I will not have to see so clearly. I will also bring several small bottles of perfume to sniff. Plus, eating is a must BEFORE the visit to the closet.  I am definitely focused on the days instead of the weeks ahead. While it is raining in So Cal (or is this spit or mist), I will enjoy the coolness of the air before the warm tropical breezes of Maui!


2 Responses to “Mascara here I come, well, almost!”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Hey Joanie!

    Christian and I want to share with you in spirit the positive vibes as you go in on Thursday. Those Maui breezes should comfort you and give you strength- you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kelli Moore Says:

    Wow, you are quite the woman, but I always did know that, but you have really amazed me, yet again! It sounds like you have been through the ringer but continue to be positive and smile and worry about the outfits!! You are such an inspiration! I hope you don’t mind, I forwarded your link to a friend of mine that was just diagnosed with Lymphoma.
    Email me if/when you can or text me at 949 632 9426; email me at
    Lots of love and prayers to you, my friend.

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