I am the mom of that lizard baby!

It is now confirmed with the scaling skin on my hands and feet that the lizard baby was mine! This allergic reaction or whatever it is called depending on which of my doctors you talk to is just delightful. I will just add this to my list of weird ailments. Of course, my itching and swelling took 3 days of steroids to start diminishing. After finishing my steroids, I am only left with the scales. (okay, it is just dry peeling skin) We were waiting to hear from the team at UCLA what the plan would be and they decided that I should definitely continue, but do the pre-drugs before the infusion. Hmmm…I never understand why they did not give those to me, but things are like this. Oh, you are really really nauseous, then we give you a pill. Oh, you have a rash on your body, guess we will give you those meds before your treatment next time. No one really knows, but this is what we are going to try since I did not have a rash before….AND I cannot be on a plane to Maui itching for 5 hours. Yes, the countdown begins for Maui. In just 2 weeks, I will be breathing that clean floral air and really doing nothing. It is strange that I used to run around like a crazy person trying to get things done, but instead I seem to get barely anything done these days.  My list gets longer and I am focused on the every day tasks of getting myself ready to exit the house and being with Jim and Alex. I don’t really want to stress myself out, so I ignore the list as it continues to grow. Who knows if it is important stuff because I really don’t look at it much. I just quickly add another item without really looking at the items above…not sure how this will all end up. When you end up with weird ailments, the simple things become important like tasting your food. I still cannot taste my food and I think the steroids did not help. Yesterday, I enjoyed just walking along the beach with Alex and Jim and feeling that very cold Pacific Ocean on my feet. So, I think if  “the list” was important, someone would be calling me to remind me about something, right? Otherwise, it will all get done some day!


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