True Food Kitchen, Sprinkles, and a rainbow…who could ask for a better afternoon?

Alex had his well-check today, so we had an early dinner at True Food Kitchen at Fashion Island. If you haven’t been there, you have to try it! I am a fan of any place that Alex would eat an entire salad, plate of colorful carrots (purple carrots!), and a pizza made with flax, wheat, and spelt. Our server was extremely helpful and told me you could order 1/2 orders of different items to create your own meal. I love a place like this as I never order what is on the menu, but create my own special meal. Not sure after our healthy dinner if Sprinkles made sense, but somehow Alex felt that he needed to be sure that Sprinkles was better or not better than Bristol Farms. We had such a great time and on our drive back home we saw a rainbow in between these dark clouds.

On my usual fixation comes the hair or hairs situation…I really want the medical community to come up with a magic potion that helps all these chemo patients grow beautiful hair immediately instead of random hairs on the body. Why do I have one hair under my left arm pit? Not that I need the rest to come in, but does that make sense? I thought I spotted some sprouts on my eyebrows which excited me, but then I looked on top of my head to notice the strangest patch of hair growth and non growth with all sorts of different lengths. Now, I am referring to the 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch or microscopic sprouts and blank spots. Come on, you would think that something can be done about this. Just when you are completely annoyed or medicated beyond belief like I was after my last chemo, you would think they would say, “here is the pill and you will see that your hair will grow back overnight perfectly”. Of course, I am still a prepubescent kid in other areas like my right arm pit etc……very strange! Oh, of course I have a new ailment, eczema since I needed something new as blood counts or lack of were not enough. Oh well. Thursday is just around the corner and I will be back to the chemo closet. I still have that chemo closet smell in my brain and I squint my eyes just thinking about the smell. I even bring a scented soap and candle with me to sniff. I cannot explain the smell, but it isn’t good. I am hoping there will be new chemo schwag since I was unaware of it the last time.  I am just so happy now that I do not have to get the shot that causes such horrible bone pain. I will warn you all now just in case I text you or email you something strange, ignore me!  Now, I just have to find the right outfit!


2 Responses to “True Food Kitchen, Sprinkles, and a rainbow…who could ask for a better afternoon?”

  1. Tami Says:

    Three hours on hold for the Griffith Observatory!! you rock woman! XOXO

  2. Tami Says:

    Oh wait, was it 4 hours?? You still totally rock!!

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