Less like a vampire more like a wolf?

Okay, slight exaggeration, but I am out of the “woods” with my numbers climbing…there is no need for transfusion, just have to wait until closet time next week. I know I am not quite myself even though I can climb the stairs and not feel as if I have run a marathon. I did fall asleep at Alex’s piano lesson-how embarrassing! He was playing some battle theme to Star Wars, so it wasn’t as if it was peaceful music. I still think my brain activity is not back to normal since  I left my credit card at a store and my insurance card at the lab. I blame it on the missing blood cells or platelets?! I am also getting many calls from the VIP insurance department and my nurse. Do they know something I don’t know? Guess they want to make sure I haven’t used any knives or weapons or verifying that my attitude is in check or who knows. I am definitely not in the mood to talk to them with their series of questions.  The best one is about my anxiety. Yes, I do get very anxious after they ask me the same question over and over. Maybe, it is because of my next week’s closet visit. Maybe they heard about my random texts to a variety of people last time. Did I text them? Ask them to do a report on Cairo? With my numbers up, I plan to exit my house for the weekend. I heard the heat is coming, so my only exit will be to the beach. I know the school year has started and we are all busy, but don’t forget to make the most of your day and try to ignore the little stuff. I am doing better since the “incident” from the other day and I did not kick or bite anyone…yet!


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