Conserve my Energy?

Okay that is a first…who knew that walking up the stairs would be such an activity. Every day I am getting better, but some of you have witnessed, I am still a bit sensitive to people who have NO sensitivity. I know I cannot change those people, but now I completely understand the temper tantrum or when the kids did not have words and they would hit or bite someone. Is it wrong to want to kick someone? I don’t want to bite them or people will start talking about me being a vampire. One minute she has no platelets, the next thing we knew she bit a parent at the school. I need to conserve my energy, but what about THOSE people. The ones that I would laugh about or ignore and now just want to kick, scream, or hit. It does make me laugh to myself to think that I possibly could get away with it. Doesn’t cancer come with a cancer card that gets you out of a lot of situations? I need those shoes, I have cancer. I cannot do the laundry, I have cancer. I rarely use it, but you all know me if people push me to the edge, I may have to use it. I will try not to injure anyone, just a little hair pulling.  You also know that this strange sense of entitlement bothered me before the cancer. I just don’t get it.  I am all about the big picture and being kind to everyone. My parents always taught me kill them with kindness. I think my kindness button is broken at least for today and I do promise not to bite anyone for now.


2 Responses to “Conserve my Energy?”

  1. amy Says:

    What happened Joanie? Who was being mean? You can always stick your tongue out at…….. Are you up for a visit Friday?

  2. Audrey Says:

    I want to know what happened also?? Who was being a pain in a___? Thinking of you, always. Enjoy the sunshine this weekend. I’m thinking of you…ALOT.

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