Magical World of Disney!

I am having bit of a blood crisis and feeling  less like a vampire from Twilight and more like a vampire from True Blood. Yesterday, my Doctors phoned me to alert me of my very low platelet count and red count low, low, low. Of course, we had planned to take Alex to Disneyland for his birthday and pick him up early. With hours to spare, I convinced the doctors that Disney was not dangerous and I would not go on any rides that could bump or cause bleeding. They wanted my blood tested yesterday and Saturday as I was in the transfusion range. This is why you cannot have chemo forever. The body just cannot handle it. Of course, they told me that there is a new “shot” coming out for red blood cells just like the one I get for white blood cells. Unfortunately, that does not help me now. Since I had never had any issues with my blood or issues that would require a transfusion, I was convinced that my body would do some magic and be able to get in a rising range to avoid the transfusion. I was a total wimp getting my blood taken. Even on Thursday, feeling like I was witnessing a horror film and feeling way too much pain for a needle prick,  I cried. Of course, the person taking my blood starting almost yelling at me saying that she was using a baby needle. Do I care? I swear! So, I had the blood letting one more time before we picked up Alex. Off we went to Disneyland, waiting to hear whether I would spend the weekend like a vampire getting “the blood”.  So, why is it that when I am in a fragile state, people are almost knocking me down while walking and texting. Isn’t that illegal in Disneyland?  Also, why does it seem that half of the visitors are smoking 10 packs of cigarettes. AND to top it all off, I get an ignorant teenager interviewing me about chemo and cancer when all I want is a Guest Assistance pass to ensure my visit to Disneyland is without incident. Of course, I ended up almost in tears at Disneyland out of stress and frustration and wanting so much for Alex’s birthday celebration to be “normal”. Of course, this is my own issue that I have to make things as normal as possible. I should have gone wig-less at Disneyland to ensure a smooth visit?!  My wig kept coming unclipped for some reason, so I had visions of a tall person clipping my hair with a pin necklace pulling the whole hair off. We have never purchased so much snacks at Disneyland, but Jim needed to check the phone, call the Doctor for messages. This worked out great since Alex never gets to eat such crap anywhere. I could not give into the cotton candy, but did give into some Mickey ears with his name. We finally did get the call, that the platelets were rising. Yipee! No transfusion. Of course, the rest of the blood counts are completely out of whack now and not near normal, but I have 3 more days of my window to make more magic happen.  We had a great time at Disneyland as normal as normal could be! I am sure some magic pixie dust will do the trick for the next 3 days.

This morning my Doctor called to tell me to still take it easy and avoid using scissors, knives, jumping, bumping etc….He is talking to the wrong person since I have always been and will always be a klutz. Oh well!  So, by Wednesday, I am hoping all is staying in the right direction.

I am still horrified at my missing time at the chemo closet when I sent some of you texts and emails that made no sense. Alex is still laughing at my request of his babysitter to help him do a report on Egypt. I have no recall and I even found notes on business cards that people had given me in the closet. Jim told me that I was talking to everyone and had this bug eyed Nancy Pelosi look asking all types of questions and listening to my fellow closet members. Who knew? Except that the cards had these strange notes on the back with words that are not giving me any clue. I hope I did not make any “dates” or promises to people as I was under the influence. Jim reminded me that I kept asking him about our new car? I do not like missing blocks of time, but I guess I needed to miss the time for the chemo to happen…..My next activity is to schedule my next scan which I have been avoiding. I will do this next week and then the last day of September begins my short visits to the closet. Yipee! Until then, I will avoid skateboarding and boxing for a few days.


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  1. Susanna Wolfe Says:

    Thank you Joanie for giving me the link to your website. I will be thinking of you often. Susanna

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