Fog is clearing

My fog is almost cleared, but don’t quote me on it. I decided (who knows why) to take off the patch that they gave me for nausea. Of course, today without the patch, I am nauseous.  It just figures! I am definitely better than last time, but somewhere in between last time and the first time. Yes, chemo is cumulative and I want my eyelashes back! Of course, my desires for food are nothing in the healthy category, but things will get back to “normal”.  Of course, I always try to stay with the routine and pretend like everything is “fine”, but today seemed more difficult than usual. While Alex was excited to tell me every detail of school, I felt like his words were coming out in another language. I know this fog will lift as they always do, but feel terrible that I am not 100% here or there or anywhere. I try not to think about all the details and focus on the here and now even if I am foggy. I appreciate your kind smiles and laughter. All of your words of encouragement keep me in the now.


One Response to “Fog is clearing”

  1. Tami Says:

    Hi Joanie-yes, you can make the best of the fog while it here…and you have an excuse. I am in a fog and I have no excuse..I enjoy your company fog or no fog. XOXO

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