No Texting or Emailing during Chemo pledge

On Thursday, some of you may have received some very special messages from me. Well, right at the beginning of my “infusion”, I started feeling dizzy and nauseous, so luckily my cousin, Margie and Jim became my voice because I thought I did not need anything. After much added drugs, I was loopy beyond belief.  I told Uma, Alex’s babysitter to do a report on Egypt, and then put p.s. Cairo?!? Who knows what I was thinking. I told Alex that this is your mind on drugs, not a good message since I could not remember what I just said 2 seconds ago. I sent text messages to many of you and sorry if they sounded strange or weren’t even sentences. I could not eat, but stuck to my pledge of drinking, I think? I even embarrassed my doctor saying he look more fashionable with his other glasses. He turned a bright red. Of course, I think I kept saying more and more, but he kept telling me, let’s just worry about this right now. Whatever the “this” was. Jim was trying to get me to stop texting, but you know how good of a listener I am when thinking I need to do something. I don’t even remember getting to the car or going to sleep. I took more drugs and insisted upon walking Alex to school and walked up the hill. I got my shot and acupuncture and was so nauseous that I could not eat, but was still drinking. Friday night, I could put the magic patch on and I think I ate something. I am in too much of a fog now. BUT, this is the last long bad one and the rest should be easy, right? I did eat a little something today, but am still drinking. No worries here as I can put my weight back on in a minute once the nausea stops and my head stops spinning. So, I am back to bed now……..


2 Responses to “No Texting or Emailing during Chemo pledge”

  1. Tami Says:

    Well, I just want you to know your text made my day! I will remember it for next time. Please keep sending them if you wish. It’s great to see your beautiful face and fancy hair at school. =) I hope your head has stopped spinning for now..XOXO Tami

  2. joan moss Says:

    HI Joanie. It was so good to bump into you briefly at temple. You do have the best wig and you look so good. I did not notice any eyebrow issues that you have referred to. I feel your pain with nausea. As you may know I spent 2 months in bed with paralyzing 24 hour nausea including some 24 hour beautiful salivation accompanying it. It sucks. I would imagine a world with no food, and became jealous of obese people who were able to eat enough to reach their size. Remember take it hour by hour, day by day and visualize all the good non food stuff. Remeber it will pass. Call anytime if you need an empathetic ear. Love you. Joan

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