My connect the dots gone!

Why oh why? First day of school with maximum exposure to people and my connect the dot hairs on my eyebrows are gone! These hairs could not wait one more day until the chemo closet where everyone has zero eyebrows and most do not wear any wigs! Typical! The first day walk down the hill was especially fun with the misting rain. Of course, I did not have an umbrella and was wondering about my wig with this hair. They told me to wash with a comb and now I was risking my one good accessory to go frizzy and crazy with a little rain and exercise. Alex’s Principal found it very funny that we walked to school and said, “only you, on a rainy first day would walk, take a look at all these cars!” Alex’s class is great with a great teacher, so I thought we were off to a good start.  The walk up the hill seemed to go well for me except that I can barely move my legs now. That hill always gets you in all these crazy places even if you are in the best shape.

Alex came home to tell me while having some asthma and coughing that his peanut free table was surrounded by peanuts or as he called it, “peanut warfare”. One more thing to add to my list along with all these papers that need to be filled out. Luckily, I did the priority papers first because now after all my pre-meds, I am more loopy than ever with no memory of even my phone number! Forms are not meant for medicated drug induced people! I kept on putting little smiley faces on some of the forms where I put the wrong info and crossed it out. Oops! With all this, we managed to have a great dinner until I looked at my chest and saw all this strange bubble lumps. Of course, I thought it was a strange reaction to my drugs, but it turned out to be drips of honey. Typical!

Who knows what the chemo closet will bring, but you know I will bring my attitude and my show and tell ipad AND try to keep smiling. I haven’t picked out my outfit, but it will be good. I did buy some Gelson’s cookies to bring. I hope they will be enough to get me upgraded to the best chair since my appointment is too early for Diddy Riese. Of course, I will ask AGAIN when they are upgrading the whole closet!! I did find out from my cousin Margie, that one of my doctors will be on the Stand Up 2 Cancer collaborative cancer research show. So, put your DVR on, so you can get a good look at one of my doctors from UCLA. The show will be on Friday, at 8pm on all networks. I do like this organization since they do a lot of research on all cancers. This organization is working on a drug even better than the one I will be taking for a year which is the latest and greatest type of cancer treatment-exciting stuff.

Everyone have a great day tomorrow and I will be feeling your positive vibes! You can always text me or email me as now Jim got me a newer Droid. (apparently, the one I had was not that great) If only the real internet would work in the closet, I would be much happier. Maybe, the music will be back? OR I will get a visit from the chaplain for some other entertainment? OR maybe they will have more chemo schwag! Anyone need any lotions? I also plan to visit the snack bar as an activity! Such fun to be had! Seriously, I appreciate all your messages, calls, and notes more than you will ever know!


One Response to “My connect the dots gone!”

  1. amy Says:

    Thinking about you!!!!! When the fog has lifted we shall enjoy a nice candy apple together…. Happy Rosh Hashana!!!!!!! Apples and honeeey for Rosh Hashana…. I will sing it live for you if you wish. 🙂

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