“Stop living life for what’s around the corner & start enjoying the walk down the street.” Grant Miller

I saw this quote inside my Honest Tea while drinking it! Who knew they put little quotes on the back side of the label. I think it was a message to me as I was planning my weeks ahead just in case. I cannot help myself!  Since the doctors have no real idea of what will happen this time, I thought that I would plan especially since Alex has his birthday in September and school starts and it is the Jewish holidays.  I ordered every Jewish holiday dessert just in case one sounds good, plus I ordered the meal from Gelson’s because I am not cooking.  Well, just because I am planning ahead does not mean that I will not enjoy the walk along the way. Speaking of walking, I will be walking Alex to school tomorrow. I just hope I can make it back up the hill! It has been a long time. I figured it was a good idea since I will be sitting in the chemo closet on Thursday for 8 hours! I also have a new plan of action for the closet (besides picking out a cute outfit with all accessories AND trying to be as cheerful cheerleader as possible). I am going to drink all day (no, not tequila, but it is a good idea), so I get up and visit the bathroom a lot and try to flush the junk out. Last time I was too nauseous to drink and think that may have caused more issues for me. This is my theory and I am sticking with it!

Back to my hair saga…I definitely jinxed myself as I actually had noticed some teeny tiny hairs on my leg. Come on, leg hair and what about my eyebrows or head or eyelashes. Now, some other areas still remain hairless. I am baffled on how this all works and what grows back and why? Plus, will it all fall out again after Thursday? I was convinced with the help of a friend that I should not worry about the head since my wig really does look real and almost better than my old hair. Very true, but it is puzzling.

So, I will enjoy my walk down the street to school tomorrow for Alex’s first day of 4th grade. I will enjoy it much more than you all know because I am going to walk down the street! Now, if you see me walking up the hill and I am waving to you a little more frantically, please stop and pick me up! Happy New Year to all my Jewish friends, L’shanah Tova and may we all have a sweet and HEALTHY New Year!!


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