Time Warp!

So, since I was in bed for 2 weeks after this last chemo, I was in a time warp of some kind! I definitely lost a week and blocked out the fact that next week I go to the closet once again. I was reminded by Jim and my family, but somehow still chose to ignore the reality of the calendar. Now, I am back in the game, but frustrated that I am not where I was before as far as strength and not mentally ready for the closet. I put calls into my Doctors for a better plan and Jim has done the same. We are happy to receive some answers tonight with a plan of new drugs that are exclusive offerings at UCLA-love the drugs!?!  I also went to UCLA this week to get more answers about “the plan” for the year ahead.  (By the way, the nurses and Doctor noticed my “track” marks on my arm and were confused as to how this happened. Who knows?) I got the plan and my Doctor  was full of positive thoughts and kept repeating his own mantra (not sure if it was for me or for himself) that he is going to make it all go away and his plan is going to work! I agree, but still do not want to think about next week even with more drugs! I have to repeat the mantra that this is the last long one and I will only have a short visit to UCLA starting 9/30!!!

Now, you all know how possessed I am about my eyebrows? Well, Alex told me tonight that my hair which seems to be sprouting all sorts of strange sprouts is looking very strange, but that I should not worry about it. I don’t understand how this all works. Why aren’t these hairs growing back on the brows which are conveniently located just below the hair line? Okay, I should not say anything or most likely I will grow some strange sprouting mustache! I finally figured out that I have no nose hairs, not that I noticed before, but was wondering why my nose was running all the time. I found on a chemo website that these hairs stop the running nose or chemo causes it.  I cannot help my fixation on all hairs or lack of hairs since this seems to never follow any normal pattern. I just hope that the grow back period does not cause any major hair growth in all the wrong places like those tufts of ear hair that old men get!

I am thrilled that my Mom who ignored my time warp disease is coming  next weekend and we are planning on going to True Food at Fashion Island, the new restaurant developed by Dr Andrew Weil.  Since I have no taste buds, I am sure to enjoy the Kale salad and some other natural elixirs! I am thinking that since the “team” at UCLA has a new plan that I am not going to have the same experience as last time AND I can stop at Bristol Farms for a cupcake. Yes, Sprinkles is there too, but Alex, my cupcake taster, thinks that Bristol Farms are the best!


2 Responses to “Time Warp!”

  1. amy Says:

    Hello my beautiful friend. You crack me up. Guess what song I can’t get out of my head now? Old Mac Donald. Instead of animals and there noises all I can hear is ” Old Mac Donald had a farm e-i-e-i-o, and on that farm he had a hair e-i-e-i-o, with a hair hair here, and a hair hair there, here a hair, there a hair, everywhere a hair hair etc…..” I am koo koo, I know. Yes, Bristol Farm cupcakes rock! Enjoy True Food with your mom. I must hear the details. I shall coordinate a time to hang with you this week. Love you, Amy

  2. Tami Says:

    hi j- thanks for continuing to post your life. i love the bristol farms cupcakes too! and please make sure you give us a full report of the new restaurant. I was just telling my husband about it last week..i can’t wait to hear what you two order. so looking forward to seeing you this school year dear..XO TKW

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