“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Dr Seuss

So, I went to bed earlier than Alex last night! I made my first outing and things take time, right? My latest eyebrow crisis came when Jim was coming to hug me and almost wiped my eyebrows off my face! Luckily, I was not planning any additional outings for the day, but I will be happy when the hairs come back…who knew how much I could miss those tiny hairs. Speaking of tiny hairs, my head is showing no sign of recovery with small hairs and still some strange curling antenna. Alex expressed his concern and asked if it was going to stay like this, but I assured him that it will all come back fine or new or better than the bug antennas. When you have no hair, you look at other people’s hair more carefully. So watch out people, I am looking, so you better be using your flat irons, hair dryers, curling irons, and getting those high lights, low lights, favorite colorings as I am a bit jealous. I do stay cool at night and that seems to be a great benefit in this summer. I think I have just discovered after all these months that my wig has a clip that was put on backwards which creates the brain squeeze. Either that, or it is me just being uncoordinated. I will take it to the wig shop eventually, but I have better things to do this weekend like exit my house! It all feels like a blur with this closet schedule and I really cannot believe that I am approaching my sixth time to the closet with still no signs of great decor improvement! I have plenty of time before my next visit and I am planning on gaining back my weight in no time and getting back to the gym, so I can be as strong as I was before this hiccup! It is nice a cool now, so I am going to enjoy this weekend of coolness-yipee! I think I see the sun, but it is so nice and cool. Got to visit the ocean for sure!


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