Countdown begins!

These pre-meds are making me a bit crazy and my voice is very strange.  I am looking forward to one more long day at the chemo closet after this “session”. Once October begins, only 3 hours!!! I ran around like a crazy person today since I will be sitting ALL day tomorrow! It was ME day. I have movies ready for the ipad (Date Night and some others) and books loaded to the ipad and Kindle as a back up. I have snacks ready which I may or may not eat. Got my Diddy Riese plan since they open at 10am and my appointment is at 10am. Hmmm, cookies may have to be the priority OR Jim will go back to get them. I just have not picked out the ideal ensemble, cute outfit for the closet. I am planning on wearing my other hair even if it squeezes my brain. It may be worth having this pain instead of the later pain? I am available via my phone for email and promised Alex to email him during the day. Of course, the heat is here just for some added fun for me. Looking forward to seeing if the music will be playing at the closet and new chemo schwag AND more improvements. Stay tuned! Stay cool!


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