One of these things is not like the other….

I spoke too soon. Why is it that these side effects do not work symmetrically?  There isn’t any hair on my right arm, but some hair on left arm? Of course, now right eyebrow missing (no connect the dots here), but left looks pretty good for connecting. They should put the warning on the labels indicating you must be able to do those drawings when they draw one side and you have to draw the other the same way otherwise, you will definitely have some issues. Believe it or not, I still have the “druggy” track marks on my right arm which was from 2 chemo treatments ago. Is this going to be one of my scars of chemo? Oh great, now add that to the list of questions I get…”were you in a treatment facility over the summer or I have a “cousin” who had a similar “problem”.  I am afraid to rub my eyes or risk losing the rest of the eye lashes or eye brow. What to do? You know how it is when you tell yourself that something does not itch. What is up with the random curly Q hairs growing on my head like little bug antennas? As if I don’t look strange enough, I have to have stray hairs growing on my head and they are curly. Hey, who told me there was a chance for growing back straight? I am sure with these next treatments, these sprouts will go away. I am surprised every morning I wake up with a new situation and some are definitely not suitable for writing, but believe me I will share in person for full entertainment purposes.

We went to the Wild Animal Park and played tennis this weekend. By the way, Alex is so good that I could barely hit a return with his spins. I like to gear up with mucho activities since I am “down” for the count for a week. I also seem to be moving in slower motion or possibly my new workouts are just exhausting me more than I will give into…until my head hits the pillow. I have to get more muscle. Doesn’t muscle weigh more than fat? I feel like I am doing some wrestling weigh in…gotta get the weight on before it comes off! I still have a few more days and will be maximizing every hour! I won’t tell you again, but it is August, so you all better do the same-OR ELSE!


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