Back in the groove, almost!

So, I had some “technical difficulties” this past week. I was a bit out of “balance” or something. I almost thought the lizard baby was back, but I knew that could not be true since my weight did not change. It was very suspicious. So after some doctor visits, it was determined that I am full of air. I went for some acupuncture and blood work. Now, it seems that I am less airy?! As much as I am a big fan of food (Food Network is fun to watch), I am not loving food. Things smell right, but I keep insisting that things are not tasting right. This will all come back eventually, but I can see why you can gain weight by trying every bit of food just to taste something! I am still waiting for the results of my blood work, but I am confident that there is one more pill to take if something is not quite right.

Now, that my technical difficulties have resolved, I am now focused on going to the gym. Sweating with a wig is NOT fun and there has to be a better way. Seriously, I do not want to ruin my wig. Those who have seen me know what I am talking about…it is not worth that much sweating to ruin the wig hair do. Plus, what to do about all those people I now run into who love my new look and comment on how great I look with the straight hair. Hmmmm….I usually say that my son prefers this look since he thinks I look like a teenager now. Plus, the comments about me losing weight are also very special. What is my secret? I need to come up with something good. Chemo/Surgery diet is definitely a turn off. Maybe, I will use the decaf latte colon cleansing (coffee enema) as the secret or could there be another good one?

Tonight was my first date night with my husband since this saga began and we had a great time. I even ate dessert. We could not believe how long this saga has been going. It has been a blur and a stress that we cannot begin to describe or explain. It still seems unreal and unimaginable. We are both so happy that everything is going in the right direction. The most fun was talking about our trips for the future especially our Europe trip after this treatment process is over…one more year, BUT after September I will no longer have my full day at UCLA, but only 3 hours! I must remind myself of this since September is only around the corner. Sorry my friends, but I am ignoring the back to school, get up early, pack the lunch, and just looking only at no more shots, no more really bad side effects and no full day in the chemo closet.

Speaking of the chemo closet, I will be back next Thursday again. I have over a week to take advantage of all the fun especially with this strange August weather. Of course, because I have chemo next week I saw that the weather will be in the 90s again. I like the 70s and 60s weather! I plan to make the most of every day now that I am back in the groove! So, look for me at the gym or better yet, join me for a little bit of sweating.


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