Post chemo shopping therapy

Yesterday, I had the best day ever and not too much nausea. I almost could taste food! I had been dreaming about a necklace that I saw at the Sawdust Festival designed by Rachel. So, with Alex and Jim off to the circus, my parents and I thought we would go to the Sawdust with an attempt to eat lunch based on my symptoms. After 2 hours of talking to artists, walking around, and shopping (it was so great that the artists would change a bead or design while we were waiting to just exactly I wanted-what a treat and what talent these people have!), we decided that we needed to eat something. So, we went to 230 Forest Ave and I actually ate 1/2 of a salmon sandwich and almost could taste it! Still feeling good from my shopping high which offset my chemo low, we decided to go to my new favorite (just opened) store in Laguna Beach, Sadie Devaney (near Quicksilver on Forest Ave.). They have the cutest tops, jeans, jewelry, bags  and are so helpful and fun! They have pants that fit every body type and that is the owner’s dream and my dream too since I am so short! Also, what I love is that the price range is great. Yes, they do have some special items, but most are very reasonable. My Dad convinced us to go into the new Hurley shop which is called something else, but is located where the dinosaur egg/fossil place used to be. They have this funky image built out of books. The people who worked there explained that you could customize shirts, Converse sneakers, or other items upstairs, so we did! Now, I have my new custom purple designed by Mom and myself -very cool Converse!  I finally waved the flag at almost dinner time and went home to discover Alex my face painted clown to greet me.

Today is still not that bad with no appetite, but little nausea, so we are hoping to go to Dana Point this morning and enjoy the day. Thinking this new rock n roll chemo closet has set the tone for a new post chemo routine! Happy Day to all!


2 Responses to “Post chemo shopping therapy”

  1. Gail Rosiak Says:

    Hi Joanie–

    We just got back from a trip to Flagstaff, AZ. and the Grand Canyon. Thankfully the weather co-operated becacuse of the rain. I hate the heat! The girls were in Tucson with friends at the Desert Museum camp so we aslo got a little extra peace for the week. Adrian love the break from his sisters too.
    I am happy to hear you are feeling a little better. And, I just wanted you to remember that if there is ANYTHING I can do to help please let me know. I love to cook, bake and I am a great driver to take you anywhere at anytime (Adrian is wonderful sister sitter so I have more freedom these days).
    You are always on my mind and in my prayers and in my heart.
    Love to you and your fantastice family,

  2. Audrey Says:

    Joanie, so glad you were feeling well enough to go on your shopping adventure, and thanks for the info on the shop you like. I’ll have to check it out when I’m in Laguna. Michael is home from his Italian journey and it is THE BEST having him here. We’re having great walks together. It was so nice to see Jim and I’m hoping he remembered to give you a BIG hug from me. Always thinking about you and pray that your next treatment isn’t too difficult for you. I love you!

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