Comic Con and Cancer?!

Now, who would think about any potential issues for someone with cancer attending  Comic Con besides the crowds of geeks and families? I have to say that seeing a 65 + age Wonder Woman in a thong was something that may have caused Alex nightmares, but this brought me a good laugh. There were some highlights. Alex heard one of his favorite authors Rick Riordan talk about his process for writing 39 clues and Lightning Thief and he talked about his new series of books. Plus, Alex had his copy of 39 Clues signed by Rick. There was also the new Lego game and the cast from Alex’s new favorite show, Unnatural History. The writer of that show explained his love of history and the “stars” answered questions. Fun times for Alex! The real issue for me was that I did not anticipate the horrific body odor by both boys, girls, men, women of the Comic Con. I was thinking of asking for a special accommodation, but Jim convinced me that the Uber geeks are unaware of the odor, so it is doubtful the first aid booth would provide masks or scented perfume/air freshener to assist me with enjoying the Comic Con experience. The worst of it was in the exhibit hall. We were surrounded by the SMELL! So, we had to exit and decided to go to the zoo for some animal odors instead. After walking around the zoo, I thought Old Town sounded really good since I am liking spicy foods. I definitely felt like I was 90 years old and could not really walk fast like I usually do, but I am blaming it on the Comic Con geek body odor.

The next day there was only one place to recover which was the Healing house. Alex and I were off to the house. Who knew what would happen next, but there were the  warning signs.  I should have paid attention to the sign of Mom getting a joy ride on the elevator at the house. The elevator did not stop on any floors, but just went up and down. The second sign could have been Alex complaining about his stomach. The last sign was Alex not eating the hamburger at Opah?! As Jim always says, something usually happens when he leaves (departs for his business trips overnight or over 2 nights). Usually, these are technical issues with my lack of patience with our elaborate systems in place. Instead,  Alex woke up with stomach issues, a high fever, and a very sore throat. My real concern and conflict was being someone who is on medication that  specifically states, “stay away from contagious people” . Alex crying, “help me Mommy and Mommy make the pain go away” made things challenging for me.  Too bad I did not have a mask and I wondered how other cancer Moms handle motherhood situations. I tried my best to not rub eyes, mouth, avoid all potential germ spewing areas,and tried to help him. It was not easy and I decided cancer is a very selfish disease. This is not my area of expertise and even though I try to be “all about me”, it is not easy for me. Last night, when Alex woke up screaming, I did not think twice and I ran as fast as I could to his room. Who knew?!  He seems to be doing a bit better today and Jim took him to the doctor to find out that it is a virus (no strep). So, plan B with my A team (minus Jim) to chemo tomorrow.

Chemo closet adventure tomorrow and Dad will be our food runner. I have menus printed and we will be ready. The only sad thing for all of us is that I have not seen my sister, nieces, nephew, brother in law for what seems like days! Hopefully, I will have a window before all the yech starts. My male nurse phoned with some more pharmaceutical ideas to counter the bone pain from the shot I get on Friday. I do like the drug free days. Guess I would not make a good drug addict. I spent all day trying to remember #2 item on my list. It never came back! Of course, I managed to think of #3-#9, but #2 is missing and I am sure it is critical for something. I am bringing a small travel candle with me tomorrow to counter the urine, antiseptic, old person smell. No, I will not burn it, but I could threaten if things go crazy. I plan to make my tour for my shopping of chemo swag. I have movies loaded on my ipad. Kindle needs charging. Outfit needs to be picked to maximize chemo cuteness. I am hopeful for a good chair!

Weather is great, so I hope everyone is getting out and enjoying it! OR ELSE! I will yell at you when I see you!


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