Healing House has the Power!

Yesterday, after being surrounded by family and friends for an incredible lunch, I sat in the healing house and looked at the incredible ocean view! Seriously, the view is amazing! I felt so happy, but so tired unable to move an inch. I have had so much fun these past days. The other day was a day of just hanging out in the healing house, talking,  and eating the next meal. From the very talented singing of my niece and dancing by Alex with his cousins, I could not help smiling and laughing continually. Of course, I have my hours that things don’t work as they should. Hurrying out of my house is not an option with my additional preparations for hair, eyebrows, etc….and  of course, I don’t plan on my nose bleeding (side effect of one med). It is an inconvenience as I leave a trail of blood behind like a True Blood episode on HBO except there are no vampires nearby (at least not that I know of).  Also, I am trying to “stretch out” my latest hair style which tends to squeeze my brain by the end of the day. This has improved the more times I wear it and when my niece and nephew tell me I look like a teenager and a rock star, how can I not endure the pain!! Who doesn’t want to look like a rock star these days or better yet a teenager! Nothing slows me down (at least I try to not let it slow me down). I had to discuss my latest concern for my next doctor appointment for one of most woman’s favorites-a gyno exam. I asked my Mom and cousin if they thought that the doctor would bend down in the “position” and say loudly, “hello” and get an echo back “hello, hello, hello” . This would be the test that he would determine all is fine as it is one giant echo chamber?!  We have no idea if this could be true and I may ask my doctor depending on his mood. Of course, as I am starting to gain my weight back and feel good, I had to order the meds for the next chemo next week which seems to come too fast, but I still have days and one more weekend for fun! We discussed the positive aspect of the chemo closet-the swag (or as we called it, “schwag”). There are so many samples of lotions, potions, hard candies, neti pots, plus snacks. Last time, my Mom ended up with a few that I made her  put in her purse. Since I seem to be the only audience member in the closet who is fully mobile, this is an advantage to gather the “schwag” for everyone of my family members. So, now I am looking forward to my next chemo as a free shopping experience. They should have new samples, right? If not, I may need to take some for friends this time. It is a new perspective on the lack of activities or entertainment provided at the chemo closet. Shopping at the chemo closet!

Positive resolution for my incident that happened in my pre-op by the charge nurse who stabbed my hand, yelled at the other nurse, and caused me much pain after I was in my zen place ready for surgery. Patient affairs at UCLA phoned to tell me that this nurse was re-assigned for proper training as that is unacceptable what had happened. My Mom’s concern was on the “what if” I had to go back and here would be that same nurse, but no, the manager of the pre-op department gave me her number for that reason, so rest assured (first I will not be going back there) I will not see that nurse again.

July has been a strange weather phenomenon, but I am not complaining as you know how I feel about the heat and “the hair”. I don’t remember a July like this since I have lived in California. I plan to enjoy the rest of week and part of next with my sister, nieces, nephew, brother in law, and parents in and out of the healing house, but continue my days/nights of laughter and smiles!


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