The moment I wake up, before I put on my make up…Aretha Franklin

“I say a little prayer for you” especially when I draw on my eyebrows! The things that I think about are very strange lately and especially have a vanity focus on my wig or eyebrows or eyelashes or skin or??? Last night, we went to the Cirque concert thingy at the Verizon Wireless amphitheater which featured my favorites, “almost naked man attached to a ribbon flying through the air” and “2 naked men (or as Alex puts it, men in “skivvies”) handstanding on top of each other to the tune of the orchestra playing Bolero”. I will also add honorable mention to “slightly naked lady flipping around upside down on a ribbon.” Of course, my thoughts were interrupted by kids kicking my seat and kicking my hair only to have me think of a visual of my entire wig flying off. As my sister put it, “the kids would have been more freaked out than you.” Very true, but gave us a laugh during dinner tonight.

Okay forget the vanity, but I have to say that this incredible Laguna Beach house almost in the clouds where my family is staying has an incredible healing power. The power is in the laughter of my nieces and nephew with Alex swimming in the pool or hearing their latest adventure they create as they run from deck to deck. The power is also in the view of the ocean, the ocean air, being with my family, and talking with my niece about her school and her friends. Hanging out in this incredible house has huge healing potential for anyone with any ailment! The only negative is the lack of guard rails when driving up, up, up, and up to the house. Each time, we drive up, Alex has to say, “wow, look, the view is so cool and look how high up we are!” Each time, I have to tell him that I cannot look! I am driving! What is especially fun is the binoculars that you can see people walking on Salt Creek Beach or even see how busy the beach at the Montage is…very good binoculars!

I am loving this off week from chemo except for the “crack addict” mark left by last  chemo treatment. It has almost healed, but we did send a photo to the doctor since it still looks pretty bad! I am also enjoying the survey that was sent to me to evaluate the chemo closet. Letting these survey people know I refer to it as a closet should give them some clue, but there are many lines for comments, so I am keeping myself entertained completing this form.

Even though I am still a day by day person, I cannot help myself and my excitement for this week! I know it will be great! I will try to not focus on my eyelashes and eyebrows and think about how cool I am feeling without all this hair for the summer!


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