The Fog is still here….

My day started great with some yoga, but continued with much less moving and more fog. I received a call from my nurse who reminded me to drink even though all beverages taste terrible. Thank goodness for my bargain ebay snow cone machine which seems to be the only way I can take liquids except for Trader Joe’s jello which I eat because I should. Most of the day was spent “watching” the travel channel and I remember only travels to Uruguay?! In the afternoon, Jim and I had a nice conversation with my Doctor who explained some of my new symptoms as “normal” and some of my thankfully missing symptoms as also “normal”. I am thrilled not to have the big “D” and spend my day in the bathroom. He also made other suggestions for our next plan which helps that Jim was listening since I have no recollection of what he said!  My only complaint today was the rain of these tiny hairs falling from somewhere…either my head, brow, lash, or who knows. Of course, I decided to ignore it as I was too tired to think about the annoyance. Nice sunshine today and tomorrow I hope to go out and feel the sun!


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