Chemo Closet

As I entered the office, my sensitive nose gave me a giant whiff of antiseptic, urine, and old people…not a good way to start my closet visit. Of course, I am now thinking of bringing something that smells good with me in my purse wherever I go…just have to find the right smell! Well, on the positive note, a box of See’s candy got me the best seat in the place. I am hoping that my cute look also encouraged the nurses to seat me with the best view (which isn’t saying much). This audience was the worst that anyone could imagine. The way I look compared to the rest of the crowd was from one end of the spectrum to another. I looked like I could run a marathon and the audience could not get to the bathroom without assistance. As much as I tried to ignore it, the noises, crisis, and visual was too much. Luckily, I had my team with me. Jim was there for the start, but as he said, “he was banished” after I required much chit chat and discussions of the Bachelorette or other similar fun topics. My Mom and cousin Margie kept me smiling and laughing with our family fun stories and other silliness which made the time pass more quickly. One of the audience members commented that I looked so good that she thought I was helping someone, but she finally realized that I was hooked up to my IV and walking around. My nurse also told me that in her experience that my attitude will make a big difference in how I respond and recover. I did not enjoy the dry mouth, dry throat, that was almost annoying me too much to talk. I tried hot and cold liquids, but it just wouldn’t go away. It was a very long day and I was thankful to have my team with me!

I was slow going in the morning on Friday. I had to get my shot which is not so much fun, but went for acupuncture after I ate lunch. I think it may have helped, but I had no appetite and was definitely more fatigued. I did go to the Westridge park and sat at that bench with Alex. We saw a family of birds which was fun to watch. When I talked to my nurse, he recommended that I get some air and walk as much I as could, so that was my big walk. ¬†Today, was a similar day and I gave into the rest/nap who knows what I watched on tv. I did feel fatigued, but minimal nausea. Alex went to the movies with Grandpa and Grandma and does not recommend Despicable Me (similar rankings from Grandma and Grandpa). He says, “it was not entertaining, no story, and no morale message”. He did enjoy the popcorn! I am definitely in my fog where I start moving and cannot remember why or where I was going or what I was thinking. Hopefully, the fog will lift a bit for tomorrow. Until then, I am sure I will sleep well!


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