“Nature can show us the way home, the way out of the prison of our own minds.” Eckhart Tolle

I received this new book, Guardians of Being by Eckart Tolle and art by Patrick McDonnell. Alex loves this book and I love it too! Lots of good messages!

So, I am almost ready for tomorrow except the usual mishap with the pharmacy. Some of my medication now comes UPS in a cooler container which is less expensive than going to Walgreens (believe it or not).  So, I am drugged up and ready to go, but still looking for the ultimate chemo closet outfit. I have some fabulous new headbands and hats from my Mom and my cousin. I will now be the most fashionable chemo patient this summer! Do you think that they have awards that they give like they do for the kids at school? You know, like best smile, best attitude, most friendly, best dressed, and person who makes the nurses the most crazy? I still think that there should be some type of reserve the chair situation for anyone who has to stay more than 5 hours. There has to be some hierarchy of chemo, right? Even though I seem to be a VIP in most situations, there is equality when it comes to chair sitting. I would rather not have the chair next to the hazardous toxic waste or the one in the corner facing the walls. I don’t mind almost holding the hand of the person next to me, but the toxic one or the one in a true closet are just not that special!

We went for our usual last meal before chemo at Stadium Brewery with Mom and Dad and I ate every bite just in case I am not eating for the next week. More like, I will not be tasting much for the next week. We will leave early tomorrow and I still have my phone for emails, ipad for movies, kindle for some good reading, and snacks that I wanted to eat last time I was there, but could not find them at the cafeteria. I also will have my wonderful team of Jim, Mom, Dad, and my cousin Margie who keeps me laughing. We all agreed that since there is no oxygen (seriously) in the waiting room and it smells like some type of chemicals (chemo or other drugs) that they will take turns visiting and sitting in a nice oxygenated lobby of the Ron Reagan Surgery center which is like the Nordstrom of surgery centers when you see the lobby.

By the way, my eyebrows are really looking better than ever. It takes some time, but I almost have the hang of it. Plus, with the nice cool weather my wigs are working really great. No wig constrictor necessary!

So, even though the days have been cool and cloudy, you should take a walk or go to the beach and bring some hot chocolate or tea to sip and watch the crazy waves. I will be taking the walk when I close my eyes at chemo for 4 seconds as my nurse and my family knows, I usually don’t stop talking!


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