“What is man without energy? Nothing-nothing at all.” Mark Twain

I surprised myself as I did my workout almost just as I used to do (give or take some lbs of weight that I could not lift…my heavy weight lifting days are not quite back!). I was so impressed with myself and thoroughly enjoyed looking at my very shiny hair free legs. Wow, never knew my legs were so smooth!  The only thing I was concerned about is my quick movements on the elliptical machine. I kept picturing my hat flying off with my wig. Not sure some of the people would have even noticed, but I kept thinking it would grab someone’s attention or concern. Would someone pick it up, if it flew off or leave it on the ground like a dead animal? After my workout, I walked by the dozen of women blow drying their hairs, showering with a nice towel wrap around their long locks, and I thought how easy for me, just remove and wash head. Who knew the benefits of no hair could extend to working out as I was only concerned with the heat and sweat, but indoors at the gym I think this situation gives me extra bonus points. I felt so good after my workout. More energy, energized and I thought that I should remind all of you to get moving and start your workout today or even tomorrow. Remember, walking on the beach counts, playing ball with your child counts, riding your bike around the block counts, but start today…you will be happy you did! If it gives me energy, I can guarantee that you will get energized too!

We talked to one of my other doctors today who sent us an email from his travels and told us to call him on his cell phone. Truly amazing! So, we did phone him and reviewed the ever special PET scan which the most interesting conclusion was that a part of my body that was removed in surgery, has reappeared magically. Of course, as a regular person I thought maybe they did not remove it, but the doctor assured us that this was an error and “that is why most doctors do not rely solely on radiology reports, but look at the whole picture.” I was glad  someone was looking at the whole picture, the whole me give or take some missing pieces. He also explained my chemo and believe or not, he was the first to actually tell us that I will finish with the chemo drugs in September, and I will only be continuing with one drug for the remainder of the time which does not have that major side effects. Of course, the big “D” is one of them. Immodium is my new friend. When he asked me the details of my big “D”, he said, that is grade 1. Who knew they actually put a grade on your big “D”. I told him mine felt like grade 40, but I prefer a letter grade instead of a number. He was not concerned and explained in detail how the digestion does not work with chemo. It was very interesting and too bad no one explained this to me for the first round. I always think I ask the right questions, but now I asked the right doctor. The best part of our almost an hour conversation was his statement, “I expect all findings to be normal after September.” Now, this statement could give me enough energy to last until next week.


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