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Rock N Roll in the Chemo Closet!

July 31, 2010

I know some of you are thinking that I actually performed a rock n roll musical similar to Green Day’s American Idiot, but this was not the case. First, I have to tell you that I hear many of your voices with words of encouragement during the drive up to UCLA. With the fashion expertise of my Mom’s hat and jewelry picks and my cousin Kimberly’s hat choices, I thought I looked pretty good despite my “track marks on my arm”. I have to give credit to Alii as we arrived early and I had a telepathic message from Alii saying, “go to Diddy Riese for some fresh baked cookies for the nurses”. So, we did it!

To my surprise, I opened the door to the lobby which is normally like entering a dark cave with the terrible smells (so I deeply inhaled the bag of cookies-one for the front office and one for the nurses station), but found the room to be very bright (new light bulbs) AND removal of broken chairs AND no stinky smells! I made my request for my favorite nurse, and the front office said they would do their best. Instead, I was greeted with the most reserved quiet nurse who usually does not smile all day.

First, we had to do the weight check after she made the usual comment like all the nurses do about the bags I bring to chemo as if I am staying overnight, but 8 hours is a long time and I need all my snacks, tools, tricks, papers, notebooks etc….The nurse was questioning me about how they weighed me last time. She asked, “did you wear clothes the last time you were weighed?” I told her that, “Doctors would not really be happy with me being naked in chemo, so I did have clothes on, but if they wanted me naked, I would be happy to try it.”  My nurse could not stop laughing and even started coughing. She grabbed my arm towards the closet. OH NO! The only 2 chairs left were the facing the wall chair and the holding your neighbor’s hands chair. She wanted me to get going with the blood test, so I quickly handed her my bag of cookies and told her these were all hers to distribute. So, she asked the other nurse when her patient would be done with the best seat in the house. The nurse responded that it would cost her since it is “her station”, so my nurse offered her 2 cookies. Next thing I know after my tests and visit with my doctor, I have the best seat in the closet. My nurse really took the time to fix my IV, so I would not look like a total drug addict after the chemo. My doctor ordered THE blood test to see if my numbers went down. I told my nurse after waving my hands around doing my own version of a  praying dance that I am hoping for good numbers. She looked directly at me and grabbed my hand and said, “I know your numbers will be good just looking at you.” I was definitely looking good compared to the audience and my outfit wasn’t bad either. I also managed to bring a few smiles to the crowd with my comments about my urine glowing in the dark and my assistance with my nurse for cookie negotiations with her fellow nurses. My numbers were great and my doctor told me to keep doing everything I am doing! The best news was that the blood test with the magic number (usually takes 1 day to come back) magically appeared after my doctor followed my nurse telling her he wanted it today. The magic number WAS NORMAL! Normal is 35 or less and my number was 31!!!

Now to the Rock N Roll, I kept hearing music and WOW, now there is music in the chemo closet. It was definitely Rock N Roll and the audience seemed like they would have preferred Classical. I could not help laughing and smiling. Does the staff know it was me who filled out the survey? I gave some of the suggestions about the lights, smells, sounds, visual? Hmmmm…I did not put my name and revised my cancer diagnosis to hopefully disguise my identity, but I think they know….My nurse brought me a bag of hats to pick a hat that someone knitted and donated.  She helped me pick the cutest one! Wow, more swag and then, told me to grab some other swag. Shopping was good in the closet! I also did my usual demonstration of my ipad and kindle. I really think I should get some commission soon or a pin stating that I am “top member of the chemo closet”.

My Mom was on meal assignment which we ate our usual foods, but for me the meds were reducing my taste and appetite. I tried to eat something and my Doctor checked on me once every hour which was so nice. I also managed to assist the nurse team while overhearing that the UPS man had to pick up a box, but they were all busy with patients when the UPS man arrived. I told them he was here and the nurses thanked me and said that was a great help. I told them I am also available for filing or other simple organization jobs, but not so great at toilets. After trying to catch my fellow audience members with a smile, I caught some! What I want to tell all of you as that all these women had “hunches” that something was not quite right, but did NOT have any major symptoms of cancer. They went to numerous doctors who failed to run the right test and all were misdiagnosed like me. So, message to all of you, listen to yourself and your sense about your body. You know your body the best and if you think something is not quite right, keep pursuing it until you have a doctor who will listen. There were a couple of women (one in her 40s and one in her 30s who loves to surf) and they were positive, but repeated their mantras of things out of their control and trying to live for today. I talked to both of them and encouraged them to do what they are doing, and told them the best thing they are doing is remaining positive. Cancer meds and cancer is different in everyone and numbers are just numbers (the statistics are based on averages) and they are certainly not average. We did talk about the rock n roll which they both liked having some music, but not muzak. Since the nurses station is basically on top of the closet, the main nurse came to tell us that the office will be moving in December and she explained the delay and the improvements in great detail. Again, could it be my survey?!? Both of these women thanked me several times before they left and I was feeling so good doing what I love to do (not just for fellow cancer patients), but trying to have people focus on the Now and on the positive.

My hours continued and my Mom and I did some online shopping which was fun. These small changes to the closet made me feel more relaxed and comfortable! We also managed to eat dinner at Matteos  (I recommend it highly if you are in LA and sit in Larry David’s booth for some good entertainment). Before I left, my doctor came to say goodbye. My parents and I thanked him for all of his support. I think my Mom said something about how much we like him and I had to add that I love him. (hopefully, he thinks it was the drugs talking) He told me, “thank you for the entertainment you give everyone”. Wow, my mission is just beginning to work!

Today despite my zero appetite, I have a bit more energy and went for my shot and acupuncture without having someone drive me. I have a better feeling about this time and I think they should do a study about a great facility (no closet) with great nurses, doctors and patient treatment and progress. I know they will find that if you have a healing center, the healing can actually occur despite the patient’s prognosis.

My days ahead will come with some fog and pain, but I am convinced it will not be as bad. Plus this weather is great. So again, I will remind you to get out and enjoy your moments and TODAY!


Comic Con and Cancer?!

July 29, 2010

Now, who would think about any potential issues for someone with cancer attending  Comic Con besides the crowds of geeks and families? I have to say that seeing a 65 + age Wonder Woman in a thong was something that may have caused Alex nightmares, but this brought me a good laugh. There were some highlights. Alex heard one of his favorite authors Rick Riordan talk about his process for writing 39 clues and Lightning Thief and he talked about his new series of books. Plus, Alex had his copy of 39 Clues signed by Rick. There was also the new Lego game and the cast from Alex’s new favorite show, Unnatural History. The writer of that show explained his love of history and the “stars” answered questions. Fun times for Alex! The real issue for me was that I did not anticipate the horrific body odor by both boys, girls, men, women of the Comic Con. I was thinking of asking for a special accommodation, but Jim convinced me that the Uber geeks are unaware of the odor, so it is doubtful the first aid booth would provide masks or scented perfume/air freshener to assist me with enjoying the Comic Con experience. The worst of it was in the exhibit hall. We were surrounded by the SMELL! So, we had to exit and decided to go to the zoo for some animal odors instead. After walking around the zoo, I thought Old Town sounded really good since I am liking spicy foods. I definitely felt like I was 90 years old and could not really walk fast like I usually do, but I am blaming it on the Comic Con geek body odor.

The next day there was only one place to recover which was the Healing house. Alex and I were off to the house. Who knew what would happen next, but there were the  warning signs.  I should have paid attention to the sign of Mom getting a joy ride on the elevator at the house. The elevator did not stop on any floors, but just went up and down. The second sign could have been Alex complaining about his stomach. The last sign was Alex not eating the hamburger at Opah?! As Jim always says, something usually happens when he leaves (departs for his business trips overnight or over 2 nights). Usually, these are technical issues with my lack of patience with our elaborate systems in place. Instead,  Alex woke up with stomach issues, a high fever, and a very sore throat. My real concern and conflict was being someone who is on medication that  specifically states, “stay away from contagious people” . Alex crying, “help me Mommy and Mommy make the pain go away” made things challenging for me.  Too bad I did not have a mask and I wondered how other cancer Moms handle motherhood situations. I tried my best to not rub eyes, mouth, avoid all potential germ spewing areas,and tried to help him. It was not easy and I decided cancer is a very selfish disease. This is not my area of expertise and even though I try to be “all about me”, it is not easy for me. Last night, when Alex woke up screaming, I did not think twice and I ran as fast as I could to his room. Who knew?!  He seems to be doing a bit better today and Jim took him to the doctor to find out that it is a virus (no strep). So, plan B with my A team (minus Jim) to chemo tomorrow.

Chemo closet adventure tomorrow and Dad will be our food runner. I have menus printed and we will be ready. The only sad thing for all of us is that I have not seen my sister, nieces, nephew, brother in law for what seems like days! Hopefully, I will have a window before all the yech starts. My male nurse phoned with some more pharmaceutical ideas to counter the bone pain from the shot I get on Friday. I do like the drug free days. Guess I would not make a good drug addict. I spent all day trying to remember #2 item on my list. It never came back! Of course, I managed to think of #3-#9, but #2 is missing and I am sure it is critical for something. I am bringing a small travel candle with me tomorrow to counter the urine, antiseptic, old person smell. No, I will not burn it, but I could threaten if things go crazy. I plan to make my tour for my shopping of chemo swag. I have movies loaded on my ipad. Kindle needs charging. Outfit needs to be picked to maximize chemo cuteness. I am hopeful for a good chair!

Weather is great, so I hope everyone is getting out and enjoying it! OR ELSE! I will yell at you when I see you!

Healing House has the Power!

July 23, 2010

Yesterday, after being surrounded by family and friends for an incredible lunch, I sat in the healing house and looked at the incredible ocean view! Seriously, the view is amazing! I felt so happy, but so tired unable to move an inch. I have had so much fun these past days. The other day was a day of just hanging out in the healing house, talking,  and eating the next meal. From the very talented singing of my niece and dancing by Alex with his cousins, I could not help smiling and laughing continually. Of course, I have my hours that things don’t work as they should. Hurrying out of my house is not an option with my additional preparations for hair, eyebrows, etc….and  of course, I don’t plan on my nose bleeding (side effect of one med). It is an inconvenience as I leave a trail of blood behind like a True Blood episode on HBO except there are no vampires nearby (at least not that I know of).  Also, I am trying to “stretch out” my latest hair style which tends to squeeze my brain by the end of the day. This has improved the more times I wear it and when my niece and nephew tell me I look like a teenager and a rock star, how can I not endure the pain!! Who doesn’t want to look like a rock star these days or better yet a teenager! Nothing slows me down (at least I try to not let it slow me down). I had to discuss my latest concern for my next doctor appointment for one of most woman’s favorites-a gyno exam. I asked my Mom and cousin if they thought that the doctor would bend down in the “position” and say loudly, “hello” and get an echo back “hello, hello, hello” . This would be the test that he would determine all is fine as it is one giant echo chamber?!  We have no idea if this could be true and I may ask my doctor depending on his mood. Of course, as I am starting to gain my weight back and feel good, I had to order the meds for the next chemo next week which seems to come too fast, but I still have days and one more weekend for fun! We discussed the positive aspect of the chemo closet-the swag (or as we called it, “schwag”). There are so many samples of lotions, potions, hard candies, neti pots, plus snacks. Last time, my Mom ended up with a few that I made her  put in her purse. Since I seem to be the only audience member in the closet who is fully mobile, this is an advantage to gather the “schwag” for everyone of my family members. So, now I am looking forward to my next chemo as a free shopping experience. They should have new samples, right? If not, I may need to take some for friends this time. It is a new perspective on the lack of activities or entertainment provided at the chemo closet. Shopping at the chemo closet!

Positive resolution for my incident that happened in my pre-op by the charge nurse who stabbed my hand, yelled at the other nurse, and caused me much pain after I was in my zen place ready for surgery. Patient affairs at UCLA phoned to tell me that this nurse was re-assigned for proper training as that is unacceptable what had happened. My Mom’s concern was on the “what if” I had to go back and here would be that same nurse, but no, the manager of the pre-op department gave me her number for that reason, so rest assured (first I will not be going back there) I will not see that nurse again.

July has been a strange weather phenomenon, but I am not complaining as you know how I feel about the heat and “the hair”. I don’t remember a July like this since I have lived in California. I plan to enjoy the rest of week and part of next with my sister, nieces, nephew, brother in law, and parents in and out of the healing house, but continue my days/nights of laughter and smiles!

The moment I wake up, before I put on my make up…Aretha Franklin

July 19, 2010

“I say a little prayer for you” especially when I draw on my eyebrows! The things that I think about are very strange lately and especially have a vanity focus on my wig or eyebrows or eyelashes or skin or??? Last night, we went to the Cirque concert thingy at the Verizon Wireless amphitheater which featured my favorites, “almost naked man attached to a ribbon flying through the air” and “2 naked men (or as Alex puts it, men in “skivvies”) handstanding on top of each other to the tune of the orchestra playing Bolero”. I will also add honorable mention to “slightly naked lady flipping around upside down on a ribbon.” Of course, my thoughts were interrupted by kids kicking my seat and kicking my hair only to have me think of a visual of my entire wig flying off. As my sister put it, “the kids would have been more freaked out than you.” Very true, but gave us a laugh during dinner tonight.

Okay forget the vanity, but I have to say that this incredible Laguna Beach house almost in the clouds where my family is staying has an incredible healing power. The power is in the laughter of my nieces and nephew with Alex swimming in the pool or hearing their latest adventure they create as they run from deck to deck. The power is also in the view of the ocean, the ocean air, being with my family, and talking with my niece about her school and her friends. Hanging out in this incredible house has huge healing potential for anyone with any ailment! The only negative is the lack of guard rails when driving up, up, up, and up to the house. Each time, we drive up, Alex has to say, “wow, look, the view is so cool and look how high up we are!” Each time, I have to tell him that I cannot look! I am driving! What is especially fun is the binoculars that you can see people walking on Salt Creek Beach or even see how busy the beach at the Montage is…very good binoculars!

I am loving this off week from chemo except for the “crack addict” mark left by last  chemo treatment. It has almost healed, but we did send a photo to the doctor since it still looks pretty bad! I am also enjoying the survey that was sent to me to evaluate the chemo closet. Letting these survey people know I refer to it as a closet should give them some clue, but there are many lines for comments, so I am keeping myself entertained completing this form.

Even though I am still a day by day person, I cannot help myself and my excitement for this week! I know it will be great! I will try to not focus on my eyelashes and eyebrows and think about how cool I am feeling without all this hair for the summer!

Richard Simmons Sweatin’ to the Oldies

July 16, 2010

As I look out my window at the pink orange cotton candy sunset, I am concerned about the earth. Hawaii sunsets are orange and normal looking. This makes me feel that I should not step outside for fear that the air would actually be smelling like cotton candy. You know how I feel about smells. I always liked the smell of cookies baking, but now it makes my stomach turn. Well, I bet you are thinking that I must be sweatin’ due to the latest heat wave in So Cal. No, this is now the combination of the burning sensation caused by the toxic chemo and my hot flashes which seem to be happening like an all day event. Forget the wig situation, that hair is not the issue. It is all clothing that bothers me. I feel like I am on fire, so I might as well be doing Richard Simmons Sweatin’ to the Oldies. Okay, I admit, I cannot watch Richard Simmons, so I chose wii Fit boxing and thought it would help get all my frustration out punching the air with the wii remote. I think it might have helped for 10 minutes. I was dripping sweat, but happy to be punching the air and hearing my little character say, “oh yeah, keep it going.”  I definitely have a whole new found understanding and respect for all those women experiencing hot flashes especially out in public. I don’t know why the Ralphs manager found it strange that my whole body was almost inside the freezer door and I was standing there for 10 minutes without grabbing any items on the shelves. He thought I needed help, but all I needed was an ice block to encase my body to stop the sweating and burning. Is that too much to ask as a Rewards card carrying customer? How about if I stop taking the points for bringing my reusable bags just to sit inside the freezer for 10 minutes each shopping trip?

I have my strange voice now which came suddenly with my lack of taste buds, but I am not complaining since I am at about 80% now. I just have high expectations and expected to be at 110%. I do forget that I should take it easy and forget that just a week ago I had chemo. I cannot help myself, but I have paid for my mistakes this time. Each round, I learn a little bit more and try even harder to get to 100%. I become a new me each time and it is difficult to explain. I face each challenge stronger than before and try my best to make the most of every moment. It frustrates me when I make my mistakes and am in bed by 7pm or needing to take a nap, but I do give in and know it is fine. I may whine a bit or whimper in bed which I am sure Jim finds a bit annoying, but I cannot help myself. I only have a pity party for about 2 seconds and I am done. Each day, I am reminded by family and friends with special cards, emails, notes, and calls with such words of encouragement. Today, I received the “real report” with the official numbers from my last blood test and the nurse had written, “fabulous results”. I really wanted a sticker or keep up the good work, but I guess that doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense, none of it. Why ask why, right? Ask why not?

Best news!

July 14, 2010

Despite my fog, I am now enjoying the news from my Dr from last night. I had blood taken before this round of chemo. He informed me what his expectations were based on my previous numbers. Well, of course, I have exceeded his expectations and in his words, “phenomenal”. So, this toxic closet is working and better than they expected! I enjoyed the sunshine of today before it became too warm and slept a lot to hopefully wake up without this fog, but it is still with me. I am counting on it to disappear for tomorrow…enough is enough! I knew it was working before I had the blood test…just knew it! Looking forward to my sister, husband, nieces, and nephew coming this week and having some relaxing summer vacation!

The Fog is still here….

July 13, 2010

My day started great with some yoga, but continued with much less moving and more fog. I received a call from my nurse who reminded me to drink even though all beverages taste terrible. Thank goodness for my bargain ebay snow cone machine which seems to be the only way I can take liquids except for Trader Joe’s jello which I eat because I should. Most of the day was spent “watching” the travel channel and I remember only travels to Uruguay?! In the afternoon, Jim and I had a nice conversation with my Doctor who explained some of my new symptoms as “normal” and some of my thankfully missing symptoms as also “normal”. I am thrilled not to have the big “D” and spend my day in the bathroom. He also made other suggestions for our next plan which helps that Jim was listening since I have no recollection of what he said!  My only complaint today was the rain of these tiny hairs falling from somewhere…either my head, brow, lash, or who knows. Of course, I decided to ignore it as I was too tired to think about the annoyance. Nice sunshine today and tomorrow I hope to go out and feel the sun!

Chemo Closet

July 11, 2010

As I entered the office, my sensitive nose gave me a giant whiff of antiseptic, urine, and old people…not a good way to start my closet visit. Of course, I am now thinking of bringing something that smells good with me in my purse wherever I go…just have to find the right smell! Well, on the positive note, a box of See’s candy got me the best seat in the place. I am hoping that my cute look also encouraged the nurses to seat me with the best view (which isn’t saying much). This audience was the worst that anyone could imagine. The way I look compared to the rest of the crowd was from one end of the spectrum to another. I looked like I could run a marathon and the audience could not get to the bathroom without assistance. As much as I tried to ignore it, the noises, crisis, and visual was too much. Luckily, I had my team with me. Jim was there for the start, but as he said, “he was banished” after I required much chit chat and discussions of the Bachelorette or other similar fun topics. My Mom and cousin Margie kept me smiling and laughing with our family fun stories and other silliness which made the time pass more quickly. One of the audience members commented that I looked so good that she thought I was helping someone, but she finally realized that I was hooked up to my IV and walking around. My nurse also told me that in her experience that my attitude will make a big difference in how I respond and recover. I did not enjoy the dry mouth, dry throat, that was almost annoying me too much to talk. I tried hot and cold liquids, but it just wouldn’t go away. It was a very long day and I was thankful to have my team with me!

I was slow going in the morning on Friday. I had to get my shot which is not so much fun, but went for acupuncture after I ate lunch. I think it may have helped, but I had no appetite and was definitely more fatigued. I did go to the Westridge park and sat at that bench with Alex. We saw a family of birds which was fun to watch. When I talked to my nurse, he recommended that I get some air and walk as much I as could, so that was my big walk.  Today, was a similar day and I gave into the rest/nap who knows what I watched on tv. I did feel fatigued, but minimal nausea. Alex went to the movies with Grandpa and Grandma and does not recommend Despicable Me (similar rankings from Grandma and Grandpa). He says, “it was not entertaining, no story, and no morale message”. He did enjoy the popcorn! I am definitely in my fog where I start moving and cannot remember why or where I was going or what I was thinking. Hopefully, the fog will lift a bit for tomorrow. Until then, I am sure I will sleep well!

“Nature can show us the way home, the way out of the prison of our own minds.” Eckhart Tolle

July 8, 2010

I received this new book, Guardians of Being by Eckart Tolle and art by Patrick McDonnell. Alex loves this book and I love it too! Lots of good messages!

So, I am almost ready for tomorrow except the usual mishap with the pharmacy. Some of my medication now comes UPS in a cooler container which is less expensive than going to Walgreens (believe it or not).  So, I am drugged up and ready to go, but still looking for the ultimate chemo closet outfit. I have some fabulous new headbands and hats from my Mom and my cousin. I will now be the most fashionable chemo patient this summer! Do you think that they have awards that they give like they do for the kids at school? You know, like best smile, best attitude, most friendly, best dressed, and person who makes the nurses the most crazy? I still think that there should be some type of reserve the chair situation for anyone who has to stay more than 5 hours. There has to be some hierarchy of chemo, right? Even though I seem to be a VIP in most situations, there is equality when it comes to chair sitting. I would rather not have the chair next to the hazardous toxic waste or the one in the corner facing the walls. I don’t mind almost holding the hand of the person next to me, but the toxic one or the one in a true closet are just not that special!

We went for our usual last meal before chemo at Stadium Brewery with Mom and Dad and I ate every bite just in case I am not eating for the next week. More like, I will not be tasting much for the next week. We will leave early tomorrow and I still have my phone for emails, ipad for movies, kindle for some good reading, and snacks that I wanted to eat last time I was there, but could not find them at the cafeteria. I also will have my wonderful team of Jim, Mom, Dad, and my cousin Margie who keeps me laughing. We all agreed that since there is no oxygen (seriously) in the waiting room and it smells like some type of chemicals (chemo or other drugs) that they will take turns visiting and sitting in a nice oxygenated lobby of the Ron Reagan Surgery center which is like the Nordstrom of surgery centers when you see the lobby.

By the way, my eyebrows are really looking better than ever. It takes some time, but I almost have the hang of it. Plus, with the nice cool weather my wigs are working really great. No wig constrictor necessary!

So, even though the days have been cool and cloudy, you should take a walk or go to the beach and bring some hot chocolate or tea to sip and watch the crazy waves. I will be taking the walk when I close my eyes at chemo for 4 seconds as my nurse and my family knows, I usually don’t stop talking!

“You fill up my senses like a night in the forest…” John Denver

July 6, 2010

Last night, we saw the fireworks at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater while listening to Jim Curry sing John Denver songs. I am not a big fan of John Denver music, but enjoyed a few songs. I was wearing my other wig which felt like I was wearing a hat instead of a wig. Very strange feeling. I was busy looking at all the bald headed men noticing their smooth heads and wondering if their heads ever looked like mine. Also, I still wonder what the secret of a good smooth bald head is…I read about face cleanser, but cannot find the secret of the combination of chemo and skin care for the head! Since we have season tickets, we see the same “group” every year. While talking with the group, I wondered if they were looking at me and thinking that something looks different, but could not place it. It all seems so strange that a year ago I had hair and no cancers. Also strange is my new sensitive chemo nose. A big group event (even outdoors) with many women between the age of 65-85 who wear large amounts of perfume like at the concert last night is a gigantic nightmare for me. I think I will have to carry a lemon around with me or peppermint oil to sniff to counter the large amounts of very strong perfume that I used to not smell, but now is so offensive to me. This sensitive nose issue continues around my house where I sniff around trying to find the “food gone bad”, “stinky boy clothes”, or other stinky smells that I have to scrub away with baking soda and lemon juice both to see the reaction of bubbles and to get rid of odors big and small. Of course, no one else seems to smell these smells, and I think Alex just tries to make me happy by saying he doesn’t smell THE smell anymore. Back to the concert, despite the large amount of perfume smells, we had a great time seeing the fireworks and having some wine and some special treats even though I should have brought hot chocolate! This is the coldest 4th of July that I can remember.

I have continued my chemo nesting syndrome where I prepare my house, myself, and anything else that I think needs to be done before my week of time warp and chemo fog. I even organized the tupperware, so that we have matching lids and containers just in case a lid crisis occurs during my fog.  I took a break from my preparations to walk with the boys at Salt Creek where we had to wear sweatshirts! We saw a pod of dolphins and saw many surfers doing cartwheels over the waves. Crazy waves!

My new situation with my eyebrows happened this morning. I went to the mirror and half of my left eyebrow was gone. At first, I was pissed off, but then I thought hey, this is like one of those matching exercises that Alex has where you have to draw the left side to match the right. I had one good right eyebrow to match with my left. Just typical of the way things work with me, so now I have time to practice before both eyebrows are gone. Jim thought I did an excellent job of matching the left side to the right and even commented that they both look better than before, but this just adds to my new training skills that I need to practice. I also noticed that it was raining eyelashes, so I guess these are soon to follow. I am more focused on the eyebrows than the lashes.  Funny how I cannot even remember how my curly hair felt on my face and am now used to the baldness of my head which I thought I could never get used to…so, I will continue my chemo nesting syndrome of lists to be made, clothes to be washed, and activities to be done before Thursday. As usual, I will make the most of the day and night and ask you all to try to do the same!