Until the next appointment

My appointment at UCLA went well. It was especially reaffirming when my Doctor agreed that the chemo closet was in fact a closet. He said, “they really need to change that room. It is really not the best place for recovery.” Glad, that someone of authority agrees, so when are they going to move this closet? Soon, but how soon is soon? I am sure I will see the new and improved closet. Before my appointment, I went to the shop with wigs, hats, etc…because the “brain constrictor” that I am wearing under my wig is not only cutting off my circulation, but is the source of all my brain issues! The girl came up with another idea which was a cotton thing, hopefully to improve the circulation.  I asked her what do people do who have chemo and work out. She responded that it is her experience that not many people “work out” during chemo, but she did show me an idea of what I could do.  The summer here has barely started with the heat, just cloudy and barely hot and I cannot even do a walk without my head sweating. I am not sure if it was the combination of the “brain constrictor” and the hat/wig, but it is not working for me.  I am going to try things without the “brain constrictor”.

Back to the Doctor visit, he reviewed while sitting with us the PET scan and told me to “fire away” my list of questions. All questions answered within minutes and report reviewed to say that it is what is to be expected, but he would get us a copy for our records because he knows we love reports. Don’t other people ask for a copy?  He did give us the good news that for our vacation in October that I can do my chemo every 4 weeks. I am so looking forward to that because it starts again next week and I barely have enough time to do everything I want to do! We read the report which we found a bit strange since it said that some images were limited by my breathing. You would think that they would know this while they were doing my scan, so we would not waste my time. Okay, minus one point for UCLA radiology. Next scan, I now know that I want the person who actually has the skills to do a PET scan correctly, so that I don’t waste my time. The real test in determining how I am doing with the chemo is the fact that the lizard baby is gone. Most people have the lizard for 2 months or so, but I lost the lizard right away. The Doctor and nurses enjoy the lizard baby story and even the nurse asked how I was feeling without the lizard. All I can say is if I just go about my day and do the things I want to do, I feel just as I used to feel. Unfortunately, the chemo closet is what makes me better, but what reminds me that I am not well. This is why I get dressed up, laugh, make my jokes and try to make time go fast in the closet. Until then, I will make the most of my days! I will attempt to go to the gym today without too much sweating!


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