I have a voice

Oh yes, I have a voice again. Instead of the emphysema/smoker sounding voice, I sound like myself. I guess it wasn’t enough that I am a walking ad campaign for how to live with cancer, I had to be sounding like I shouldn’t have smoked for 30 plus years just to get the word out that smoking is bad for you. I also came to realize with my moment of clarity that I may have messed up on my drugs again, but hey with such a pharmacy at home and even multiple lists and spreadsheets, it is bound to happen. I always wonder about the rest of the people! You have to be organized if you have cancer or is it part of the requirements? Not organized, I’m sorry, but  you can have another ailment or illness because cancer requires extreme organizational skills. I am so thrilled to be able to use all my previous job experience at one time, from my Club Med dancing to my management skills. I am certainly happy to use the Club Med skills, but if only I had a Doctor who spoke French, then I would be covering everything. In the meantime, I will start my Italian. Tomorrow, we are off to UCLA and we will be ready with a list of questions. Most of the questions, we usually decide not to ask because it just doesn’t matter, but it is nice to say it aloud.  We will be off to Dana Point in a little while to enjoy our walk along the rocks and visit Coffee Importers for a snack!


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