Everyone smiles in the same language

I am happy to report that despite my numerous ailments which change daily, my dental cleaning was excellent. The best it has ever been and I was overdue. So, again another benefit of chemo, great dental check ups? I am also finding the lack of hair very useful for the summer. No pit paranoia, just nice and clean without any concern for hair growth, just a bit of concern for the exposure of my chicken arms. With the morning June gloom clouds and my early rising (still have to watch for the scores of World Cup live for Alex’s ongoing bet with Grandpa), I am usually limiting my sun exposure. I haven’t quite figured out the hair situation as I definitely need a head band since hats will be too hot. These logistics I usually put to the side for more important things like spending time with Alex. It is still the details that seem to be processed more slowly for me until I gear up in week 2. As I live in the present, I find I am more appreciative of everyone I encounter whether they open the door for me or allow me to go first (who knows why, simple kindness goes a long way). I am so thankful to feel halfway decent and to enjoy holding Alex’s hand (while he still lets me).  I know these new ailments will just be little annoyances that I will choose to ignore or deal with and find great happiness in today!


2 Responses to “Everyone smiles in the same language”

  1. amy Says:

    I live for the semi-annual dental cleanings. Sadly, it is like a spa day for me. Isn’t it lovely to encounter human kindness. Sometimes it is just the little things like opening a door or a friendly smile that make your day. I believe it is those kind people that make the world go around.

  2. Audrey Says:

    I was so happy to see you today Joanie. The perks of my job,are getting to know wonderful people like you and Jim. Great getting to see Alex today also. He was so patient waiting for you while I cleaned your teeth. I needed much more time than the hour allotted just so you and I could talk. Forget about cleaning your teeth!! They did look good today. You’re such a great flosser!!
    Thank you for taking time to spend an hour with me.

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