The fog is lifting….

I am not sure I will consider this chemo phase a routine because I am continually surprised by how it works in my body. Today, I had to have pancakes, so I cooked them myself without any nausea! Yipee! I still had the pains of “working out” with my chemo and was moving slowly, but when lunch came around it was as if a switch turned on or off for that matter. I was more aware and my appetite was back. I cannot explain it, but it is as if I am in a tunnel and I cannot hear anyone or process anything. Then, wham, out of the tunnel! I am not quite back to my post phase, but am able to do a lot more than yesterday. I really understand the value of the post phase and most likely push myself beyond what I should, but you all know I cannot stand to sit still and cannot stand to let myself be a blob. It goes against who I am and what I want to do every day. I think I did watch some movies and some t.v., but who knows what I watched. If I sent any of you an email, I hope I made sense. I really look forward to tomorrow and cannot believe it is the last day of school. The weather is perfect now in So Cal…gotta love it! So, happy summer to all the parents-yipee no more lunches or getting up early! I hope like me you will make the most of your days and not stress the small stuff!


One Response to “The fog is lifting….”

  1. Susan Says:

    Glad Mom and Dad are there to add support while Jim is out of town. Hope you are feeling better. Maybe next time you can purchase a movie from itunes for the ipad?

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