Chemo Closet Round 2

Yesterday, we started with the 3 accidents on the 405, but we managed to leave early enough to get there only 10 minutes late. I arrived to be greeted by my nurse who did not introduce herself, but first told me that I will get some pre-meds to make me nice and sleepy. I responded that last time it had the opposite effect and she seemed to be disappointed. After we entered into the closet, I had 2 end chairs to choose from, but remembered from last time that the one she wanted to put me in was broken. She assured me it was fixed. She also reminded me about the 1 guest at a time rule and also asked me if we had enough “stuff”. I told her that since I don’t sleep, I had my kindle, but without internet, I had my phone and some snacks. She looked at Jim’s work bag and shrugged her shoulders. I added that I did not want to sit in the other chair next to the bio waste since my cousin would not visit me. I think then I started to get my look of here we go, I am not happy and Jim gave me a look and I am sure I said some stupid things. Of course, she had to say, “if your husband is stressing you out, then he should not stay or something like this.” I told her that she was stressing me out after she told me that I cannot be agitated or talk loudly or be stressed and again offered Jim up for leaving after telling him he needed to be so many feet away from the water cooler. At this point, I started crying while at the same time telling her that I am not agitated, but I am animated and this is my personality which I have had all my life. Again, I told her that my husband was not stressing me out, but she was. After all this, I calmed down in my seat that was so close to the next person that we could hold hands. My neighbor was definitely NOT in the mood for my animation or loud voice or my outfit which I must say that I did look cute! I did see the sallow faces and the sadness, but I was not going to be part of it. I started the day before I sat in that chair smiling and was determined to end the day with the smile. Somehow my nurse and I made up. She is a rule follower and not used to me. She did continually say at the nurse station to the other nurses, “she is still talking”….I did notice that many of the closet members were mouth hanging open and snoring, but if I caught an eye or a look, I made “contact.” I smiled and offered to unplug myself to get something for my fellow closet members while I had my one visitor at a time. The chair next to me had 3 members during my over 8 hours. I definitely should get some commission from Amazon or Apple. I did show and tell my ipod and Kindle to many closet members and made one woman laugh so hard with my silly stories about my hair and the benefits of not having hair. So, even though there were some bumps in the start, I heard the stories about my nurse’s 9 grandchildren, her son who passed away, and she gave me lots of information about taking the medication for the upcoming days. I was the last one out of the closet and I was still smiling. My nurse and I ended the day with a hug.

Today, I felt pretty good, but the one medication turned off the nausea (yeah!) and also turned off my appetite. I will take it happily. I was happy to go to Alex’s Reading Olympic ceremony and his principal kicked me out and told me to stop talking, so I could go to my doctor to get my shot. I also received a call from the genetics doctor who told me another one of my genetic tests came back negative. So, “Genes Gone Wild will have a sequel and have more cartoon looking genes with laughing faces and doing the tambourine dance. She did tell me in her 20 years of working with cancer patients, the attitude is what makes a difference and she knows that I will be just fine. I know this too! So, who knows what tomorrow will bring.  I am still running this “marathon”.


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