New fashion look continues….

Thanks to all my fashionable friends and family and some incredible valuable eyebrow advice from some experts (who have incredible eyebrows!), I am getting almost in the groove with the new look. I will now need a hat rack or something to hold all my hat purchases. I guess I am not saving any money now with hair cuts versus new style! I am still not quite used to it, but have to say when Alex’s tennis coach told me how great I look with his very nice Brazilian accent, I gotta say that I felt pretty good! Today, not only did my parents arrive, but 2 boxes of  wig type accessories. This will definitely be a full day project which I do not have time now. My Mom noticed how great the house looked and I told her this is my chemo nesting phase. I do enjoy a nice clean downstairs (notice the emphasis on downstairs), so there are a bunch of piles in the loft and in my bedroom along with a mini pharmacy! I do love  my downstairs because that is usually the only “trip” I make the day or 2 after chemo. I have some good intentions like walking outside around the block. I am much more confident that this time will be much better with my new drug organization even though I messed up for my tomorrow schedule, but I will have 8 or 9 hours to get it organized at UCLA’s fine chemo closet featuring mini bar and snacks.

Hope everyone enjoys the great weather we are having…love the 70 degrees days!

Thanks again to my very helpful and stylish friends and family who make me look good!


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