Ahoy there matey!

This morning I was greeted by Alex with, “Ahoy there matey!”  Now, I went from Pilgrim to Pirate overnight. This wig thing requires a bit of training. The just out of bed, toss on your hair does not work for me. I give up after the first toss as I look in the mirror and see crooked hair, so back to the bandana (Pirate or Pilgrim look). At least this year at school, Alex did not learn a pirate poem, so he usually reverts back to reciting the Pilgrim poem when he looks at me. Today, I attempted the other thingy under the wig, so I would hope to not have the throbbing temples by the end of the day. I still have this strange feeling that it will come off or get crooked or a giant gust of wind will come over the canyon and poof…bye bye real hair wig! All was safe and I went off to my acupuncture appointment for my pre-chemo treatment. I felt great after the appointment and then, had physical therapy. This pre-phase for chemo is what I call my “chemo nesting syndrome”. I get everything organized for myself physically, mentally, and plan for the days that I am in my time warp. I know that I am in the best place I can be. I also know that I have such a great team including family, friends, Rabbis, Cantor, doctors,acupuncturist, physical therapist and more who keep me smiling every day. Today, I even received an email from one of my doctors who is in Munich wishing me well for Thursday treatment.  Tomorrow begins my medication phase which I now have much more organized this second time. My second wig is proving to be too challenging for me at this time. I cannot quite figure it out, but will work on this eventually. Alex informed me that wig is his favorite, but I told him that I am going to need some training for that wig. Not really sure where I can go for this type of training, but I will figure it out. Until then, Grandpa and Grandma arrive tomorrow! p.s. No temple headache today, so I must be doing something right!


One Response to “Ahoy there matey!”

  1. Kelly Goodman Says:

    Did you get a blonde or red head wig….. Just for kicks!

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