Off to Plymouth Rock…

Today was the goodbye to hair day…enough of the clumps, strands, YECH! I had a very brave, loving, understanding person do the deed, and you would be happy to know that I have a beautiful round head. There are no weird spots or bumps and I do not have a cone head despite some belief that just because I came out that way, it is still pointy and had been covered up by my curly hair all these years. Nope, it is nice and round. Now, the wig part is not as easy as it looks, but I thought the best way to have a full experience would be to take Alex out of school and go to Disneyland. Jim came too and thought it may be a good plan until we saw the zillions of people. We made the most of it and went on a few rides and enjoyed the day together. I think the wig was squeezing my brain because all I could think about was my throbbing temples or was it the heat?  Either way, I need more training. So, I came home and due to the size of my small child’s head (when in Europe, I needed a hat and somehow I was always told that I should go to the children’s department), the bandana that I had fit just fine by tucking in the back. Of course, tonight Alex told me that I looked like a Pilgrim ready to go to Plymouth Rock. I was thinking I looked more Amish, but he could be right! Either way, more experimentation will occur in the days to come.  I would rather look less like a Pilgrim in the upcoming weeks!


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