“Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long”-Rascal Flatts

Today, Alex and I went to Boomer’s in Irvine. We played miniature golf, laser tag, and I drove a go cart. I was completely afraid. Not about driving, but about taking my hat off to drive and going so fast that I thought the rest of my hair would just blow off?! Alex found this very funny and told me while I was driving around a corner that a clump of my hair flew off into another driver’s face. He laughed hysterically which made me lose concentration and my hat which was in my purse, flew off. After seeing other drivers run over my hat, I slowed down enough to grab it with one hand while steering with another. I would say that these chemo drugs are not impacting my driving skills! We ended the fun with Alex on the bumper boats getting soaked and loving every minute of it. Seeing his smiling face made my day and we laughed all the way to the car leaving a trail of water behind us.

This week will be busy and you will see me sporting my new hairdo, but seriously, if it is crooked, please tell me or just fix it. I am new at this and I told Jim to not let me leave the house if I have crooked hair. I look forward to becoming a skilled wearer of head scarves. One day in Paris, while wearing my Hermes, someone will ask me how I tie my scarf…of course, they will ask me in French, but I will answer in Italian. I have an Italian app on my ipad which will guarantee that I will speaking fluent Italian to all the nurses and doctors at UCLA in a couple of months! Gotta have something to do Thursday for 8 plus hours at UCLA! Arrivederci miei amici!


One Response to ““Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long”-Rascal Flatts”

  1. Tami Says:

    Just want you to know that there is an Italian family at Canyon Vista..and the mother speaks italian every day to the kids as we walk to school in the mornings. I enjoy just walking behind her daily to listen to the beautiful sounds that come from her mouth. Its one of the highlights of my day!

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