Your reflection reflects in everything you do…and everything you do reflects on you-Burt Bacharach

As I looked in the mirror for a long time this morning (the longest I have ever really really looked at myself), I tried to imagine of  how I would look without my hair. Yesterday, the hair falling started and this morning after my shower it continued. I stopped imagining and then thought of all the benefits of no hair. No hair color, no hair cut, no shaving, no hair products, smooth legs, and smooth everything else are all benefits. Just think of the cost savings! Okay, maybe not, since I still must have some style with new hair accessories, new earrings, new lip gloss, and what about new clothes and shoes?  Of course, I have Alex to remind me that he would be “totally freaked out, if I leave the many hairs on his bed, so please remove them NOW, Mommy.”  So, I will enter my new phase of new hair, but am hoping I can last for Alex’s recital tonight as this process just started and I would hate to have any incidents at the recital.

I did spend some time in the early morning hours shopping online for various hair/head accessories and am still fixated on the eyebrows and have a small fear of this glue or tattoo your own eyebrows idea. I imagine with my usual lack of coordination to end up with strange look of surprise for months at a time.

Once everyone got moving, we decided to visit the giant Whole Foods at the District. After much money spent, I needed a Pinkberry. I have to have snacks!! Then, it was our mission to watch the World Cup as Alex has a big bet with Grandpa for each game. Grandma and Grandpa come back next week and Alex is so excited to have them living with us again. According to Alex, “they have been gone too long.”

Even though we are having our June gloom in So Cal, you have to go to the beach on these days! The weather is perfect for a long walk on any of our beaches!!


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