Can you feel the love tonight?

I am feeling it every day thanks to all of you! We went to the Lion King at the OC Performing Arts Center. It was really a celebration since my PET scan came back “as expected” and the doctors are “reassured”. I am happy there was no sign of any future lizard babies or anything else for that matter.  When I asked them about my dry skin, they asked me if my skin appeared sallow. I asked them specifically what color that would be and if I should wear a shade of lipstick to contrast the sallow appearance.  I don’t think I appear sallow or any particular shade of color except as I normally look. Most of you when you have seen me did not have that surprised expression on your face like, “wow, you are grey, green, yellow, or some other color”. Back to the Lion King, Alex sat on the edge of his seat and the best was hearing his laughter!

My VIP treatment continues at my daily pharmacy visits. Either they are tired of seeing me or they really want to be proactive and order my medication that I need every three weeks. Now, they phone me and tell me that they will have everything ready for my treatments. I never knew that Walgreens was like Nordstrom. I have a personal shopper for my drugs!

We all know it’s a small world after all, but seriously my physical therapist told me today that she was in Moorea,  Tahiti Club Med at the same time I worked there….no, I did not break out with my tambourine dance or other more special dances which involved me wearing a coconut bikini that did not fit at all! She even dated I guy I knew in Moorea for 2 years. She is a great physical therapist and now when she says, “10 more” I think about all my Club Med days especially Tahiti and Turks & Caicos.

A reminder, go feel the love tonight!!


One Response to “Can you feel the love tonight?”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Ah, Club Med………………it seems so long ago and how wonderful are the memories! I still have the brochure that shows you, Jean-Baptiste and I “dining” as the sun sets. Love your blog and it’s nice to know what is happening when I live so far away. I wish I could see you, but please know that you are in my thoughts. Sending the good vibes……………..!!!!!

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