VIP Service Continued

What is a girl to do? I now have a male nurse with a special European accent phoning me to say that he is my private nurse. At first, I thought it was one of my cousins playing a joke on me, but the phone number was a real number. When I phoned my private nurse, he informed me again about my VIP program. The things you have to do to become a real VIP. He was very helpful and is available to me every day, but I did not ask him if he made house calls. I was tempted to know if there was a VIP VIP service that you get after so many chemo treatments, and believe me- I will ask!

I am feeling back to my old self with some modifications. I cannot eat hot temperature foods since my chemo and the special burning sensation in my abdomen which fortunately “removed” the lizard baby. I also have a new ailment which I call (with the help of Jim’s naming of ailments) right side dry skin syndrome. Leave it to me to only have dryness on one side of my body!  I hate to mention, but I wake up every morning looking at my pillow for piles of hair only to see nothing. I shower every morning gently washing my hair to wonder if this will be the last day of washing my hair and I towel dry it carefully just in case. I decided not to think about it anymore, but cannot help myself as I look at the styrofoam head with my new hair. I think I will move it to my closet for a rest.

I am back to doing my yoga which seems to help me a lot and am gradually working my way back to some type of workout to gain my strength. Each day is very exciting to me as I am feeling better! With summer around the corner (school does not end until June 23!), I (like many of you) are looking forward to no more packing of lunches and sleeping in past 5am! Looking forward to seeing more of you around the neighborhood as I drive to stores and visit the ole’ places of Aliso Viejo!


One Response to “VIP Service Continued”

  1. amy Says:

    When Alex gets out of school I am taking you and him to a special yoga place in Corona Del Mar. After, candied apples and tide pools. I am on a yoga mission this summer. I am in phase one of taking care of self. I will need you expertise in all the poses. Are they all named after animals? Angry cat? Hungry Hippo? I have no idea what I am talking about. I shall buy “Yoga for Dummies” tomorrow so that I can be down with the lingo. Love you, Amy

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