New Soap Opera

I know what some of you are thinking…the PTA meeting, no that was not a soap opera, more like “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” (just kidding?!) What I am talking about is “As the Tumor Turns” which I am a featured character each week. UCLA faxed me another “As the Tumor Turns” report which looked like another language. The “show” had many commercial breaks with the “stay tuned while we put some more junk on a slide and it comes out negative.” I am sure that I am making for good character development and drama each week. I am just waiting for someone to ask me to do a Star of the Week poster with my favorite and least favorite medications, favorite radiologist, favorite meal at the Ron Reagan Surgery Center including some transitional photos of pre-lizard and post lizard phases and favorite chair in the chemo closet.

Still shaking my head every morning for some action and I am finding more stray hairs, so stay tuned for that “event”. Alex said, “wouldn’t it be funny if I was sitting on your lap and your hair fell out on top of my head…it would look like I have a wig on.”  I guess that would be “funny”. He still would like me to wear Mr Spock as a daily hair choice. Yes, that would be funny, but I refused to wear the costume. There are some limits what I will wear to school for pick up. I have seen women in curlers, robes, pajamas, but Mr Spock?? I am open to some good costumes, so if anyone has one that may provide some laughter, let me know.


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