“By letting go it all gets done.” Lao-Tzu

You should have seen me eating breakfast this morning! I had to eat at 5am, so all would be great for my scan. I had eggs, toast, fruit and tried to eat it all! What if I passed out from hunger on the way to UCLA? I still am such a VIP! In the Genetics office, I just by pass the line, people come to greet me, and I am escorted to my own private phlebotomist. My escort thought my Genes Gone Wild sounded like a great DVD idea. One appointment down, 2 more to go. I was counting down the hours until my next meal. The next one involved so much waiting that I saw some of my pals from last week’s chemo closet. Some nodded and others smiled (ooh, I think I am converting some of them to my way of thinking!). After the 45 minutes of waiting with no internet (at least my phone worked), I saw my hematologist who is pretty calm, but I think he raised his eyebrows (am I fixated on eyebrows now?) when he saw that my lizard baby was gone! When I saw his excitement, I had to tell him that I can even sleep on my belly now and wear my old clothes! I know he was very excited about this and said that I am responding fabulously to the chemo. Yipee! We talked about different ideas to manage my symptoms for next time. Then, we were almost late to my scan. The check in desk staff asked if Jim was with me and I responded that he was my driver, oh I mean my husband. They found this so hysterical that they could barely give me the paperwork. My scan was uneventful especially since I used my visions from the Travel Channel (not the commercials)-best beaches shows! I was floating on the sea or was I snorkeling!? I was so relaxed when I came out to the lobby that I could not see Jim. The desk told me that my driver left and I could be walking to Orange County. They had Jim’s number and phoned him for me even though they thought this was still hysterical. Boy, nuclear medicine is definitely in need of some entertainment! I walked to the restaurant located in the surgery center and found Jim who said that I looked great for having a 2 hour scan. After eating, we had to return to the hematologist. The Chief Hema dude had to see the missing lizard baby too! He was equally as thrilled except he had to announce to the entire chemo closet, “you know you will lose your hair any day now.” I surveyed the chemo closet fans who were all without wigs and proud to be bald. So, I announced that I was happy to hear the excellent news since it would save me a lot of time shaving my mustache and chin hairs.

We were not happy about the drive home on the 405. You just never know about the traffic! We did arrive home in time to attend Alex’s Open House and see all his hard work. Wow, the neat handwriting impressed me so much! I just cannot believe how much Alex has learned in 3rd grade.

Off to sleep and dream about my snorkeling in St Barts!


One Response to ““By letting go it all gets done.” Lao-Tzu”

  1. Tami Says:

    Wowee that was a busy day for you!! Those folks at UCLA have no idea how lucky they are to have you as a patient! Talking about hair..I had a nightmare last night that I had a 1 inch thick mustache and I could not get it cut..it was quite scary..it must be my fear of waxing for summer that is causing this…=0

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