“Beauty draws us with a single hair” ~Alexander Pope

My morning started with a real Life DVD moment in my fountain with a hummingbird drinking from the fountain and then, taking a bath. I was waiting for Oprah’s voice (if you haven’t seen the show,Life you must see it!) to say, “the hummingbird has the largest brain of all birds….” but just heard Grandpa packing his bags (he left today). As I looked in the mirror this morning, I decided that I had to put mascara on and brush my eyebrows while they were still there. I started thinking about having no eyebrows and then decided it would be fun to draw new expressive eyebrows daily…for example, surprised, upset, confused, and one eyebrow up and one eyebrow down. I thought it may be fun for the fans in the chemo closet to guess what I was really thinking even though my eyebrows told a different story. After my daily reflection to entertain myself, we went to the poetry play where Alex recited his Brown poem with a lot of chocolate theme! He did fantastic and the rest of the class was incredible too! Hearing all the poems really made my morning! I could not believe as I sat with the 3rd graders that they are almost 4th graders! I was happy to see all those smiling faces especially some of the 3rd grade girls who said my new haircut makes me look like a teenager!!

As a 2nd time around teenager, I am giving myself permission to be self focused, but without too much of an attitude. I am also very focused on my daily fun moment or moments and finding fun even in the monotonous calls again from the Genetics group at UCLA. Look for my soon to be in production “Genes Gone Wild” DVD featuring my genes as cartoon characters with little arms and legs wearing bikinis dancing to club music. So, we must drive up earlier to UCLA for some more genetic testing. Once they figure this out, I am going to come up with a nickname for the “Genes Gone Wild”. We will be back for Open House! They cannot keep me away from seeing Alex’s desk (I am hoping to see a clean desk?).

The house is too quiet without Grandpa. Alex asked if Grandma was coming tomorrow. He keeps asking how many days will it be until Grandpa comes back and said he doesn’t really understand because “Grandpa lives with us”. We will miss him until he returns.  He has done so much for us. .  Whether it was wearing his cowboy hat, running around Aliso Viejo, or just sitting with me in the very early hours of the morning (4am!), he went above and beyond what a Dad will do for a daughter, grandson and son in law. I appreciated every moment and some moments were not too pretty!

Tomorrow will be a pretty moment and every day is better than the previous one even though the lizard baby is gone!


2 Responses to ““Beauty draws us with a single hair” ~Alexander Pope”

  1. Ruthie Says:

    You are too, too much! I look forward to reading your blog(s). This was so incredibly touching – you are blessed with so much love – but this is true also because of all that you give. I think you should be published! You have a PR rep 🙂 Maybe put her on the case?! Not sure about the eyebrows – I keep seeing the Mr. Potato head in my mind. It sure would be a fun game to play with you as the star.

    Much love and many hugs,

  2. amy Says:

    You are so fabulous. The eyebrows are a great artistic subject to tackle. I am intrigued. I must photograph. By the way I believe hummingbirds are loved ones visiting us. It sounds koo koo, but I have always been visited by hummingbirds and turtle doves during hard times and felt my grandmas presence. Can I be a teenager again with you? I have had some unusual adventures of my own as of late. Can I do a spin off show called ” Glands Gone Wild” ( I had a not so fun trip to Hoag last week). I see a book deal for you in the near future. Rock on girlfriend. OX Amy

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