Travel Channel All Day!

All I can say at this point is that anyone who has had to experience chemo should get an award or at least a free ipod! Yesterday, was not so special.  Alex was the best nurse I could ever have! He rubbed my back for at least an hour until he finally said, “my arm is broken now”.  Jim and Grandpa kept asking about different drink or food items. Grandpa put a cold washcloth on my face and neck. I just wanted “it” to be over.  Grandpa went to Ralphs to purchase a variety of ginger ale drinks which seemed to help. I just kept watching the travel channel all day and all night to escape to the best beaches of Hawaii and then to the best beaches of So Cal. Oh great, that just made me angry because I was wishing I could go to the number 6 pick which was Laguna Beach.  I went on cruises to Europe and Mexico, but every time they showed the buffet or any food items, call 911. YECH! There should be some type of travel channel without food and why is it that every commercial is one of those KFC disgusting close up pieces of whatever meat over and over.  I tried to escape, but just when I thought it was safe, some Carl’s Jr commercial would flash. I would squeeze my eyes tight and cover my ears and try to visualize my best beach of Hawaii.  After my last sip of  ginger ale and one more pill of something, I finally fell asleep.

The first thought in my mind this morning was french toast. So, I had some french toast with some medication (of course) and opened the windows. Today seems like a better day. It is a bright sunny day. I am hoping to watch less of the travel channel and experience more of the best of So Cal today. Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine!


2 Responses to “Travel Channel All Day!”

  1. joan moss Says:

    hi Joanie,

    I can so relate to the value of a tv channel with no food items. I think we should start one. As you know I was bedbound for 2 months with 24 hour severe nausea not too long ago and I could do nothing but watch tv. I changed the channel with every food ad. I did not realize how much food is on tv. I would visualize flowers to block out the yuck of food and fantasized of a world with no food. I am happy you woke up today with a positive french toast experience. I hope you can enjoy the sunshine and flowers and beauty outside. Wishing you all the best filled with french toast mornings. Joan

  2. Diane Says:

    Good Morning Joanie!! I hope your french toast was delicious and gave you energy to get through the day!! I love your postings, you had me laughing so hard here in my bonus room all by myself that Steve and John had to come running! Take care of yourself…hope to talk to you soon! Sending love and gentle hugs!! xoxoxox

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