Last of the Mohicans

I like this phrase that my fellow chemo partner announced as he left me alone around 5:45pm. He said, “guess you are the Last of the Mohicans”. He explained that is usually his role, but was honored that I take his position. His wife was equally thrilled since they have a busy 2 yr old at home. So, drum roll please….the chemo closet was not so bad AND do you want to hear the best news ever? In honor of my VIP status and new membership to the chemo club, the office will be having an upgrade and moving down the hall to a bigger chemo not so closet, closet!! Just so you understand, there is barely enough room for anyone to sit near you who isn’t having chemo. There are reclining chairs lined up side by side with IV poles in between. Luckily with my VIP status, I had the best chair with the best view (out one window) and best feng shui (if feng shui could exist in a chemo closet). I especially enjoyed not having the view of the down and out faces and chose to sit next to a young man who smiled and seemed to be the most positive of the crowd.

Everything takes a lot of time there and the nurses run from patient to patient because it is a magical chemical timing trick. The machines beep after 20 minutes of different infusions for each patient. These nurses do not go to the bathroom, barely take a sip of water, and constantly are checking on the row of recliners with some people requesting many things and some sleeping or snoring or whining. Bad news is the wi fi does not work in the closet! Why? Because it is a “closet” or closed in room…but my Doctor promised I can get a connection for next time. He better! BUT, I did listen to some good music while reading some very funny books on my Kindle. I have now convinced the nurses and doctors to get a Kindle. I guess Kindle has all sorts of medical journals that they would love not to carry around pounds of paper.

Jim had to sit in the lobby area since there were no chairs and he had to use his phone (no phones allowed in the closet) and had several conference calls. My cousin showed up right after they set me up and stayed the entire time. She goes to this office too, so they all know her and love her which made it easy for me. They also provide drinks (non alcoholic!) and snacks. We managed to laugh a lot telling our fun stories of family and the ongoing pregnancy joke which the nurses who watch V decided that I could have had an affair with a lizard and have a lizard baby?!

All in all they were surprised that the drugs which made me feel comfortable did not make me sleepy or agitated like others feel…yes, leave it to me to have a different reaction. So, we will see what tomorrow will bring. I am supposed to get a shot the day after chemo, but I thought it would be ridiculous to drive up 1 1/2 hours for 1 shot, so Jim and the Doctors, office staff worked all day to get it arranged to my internist who will do the shot for me. My Doctor held my hand about 10 times during my visit. He is so kind and caring…just amazing.

I am unsure what to expect, but continue to think positive. Strangely enough, I had a great time and enjoyed entertaining the group with all efforts to bring the most smiles. As my cousin says, I will talk out loud even if no one seems to be responding verbally. I will switch to Thursdays which will be the audience that I was not very fond of, but hey it is worth the effort even if I only get 2 smiles in return!

By the way, the nurses loved my outfit with my new necklace and new purse! I think I have to return one of the shirts since I look 98 in it! The rest of the choices are good. More news on the closet later…….


One Response to “Last of the Mohicans”

  1. pam Says:

    well, you are the cutest non-pregnant/pregnant/cute haircut wearing/loving/inspirational friend I have..and you have the power to make people laugh and smile that aren’t in the chemo closet or even near you other than in our hearts and thoughts! xoxoxo

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